Endorse Carl Spencer Krendel's Appointment as a U.S. Ambassador

Foreign direct investment matters to our economy more than the other issues that plague the news. Foreign direct investment in the U.S. economy allows the prosperity we experience. Our free press ensures that foreigners can be confident that they know enough about their investments, and potential investments, to make the decisions that make Americans wealthier. The bipartisan agreement on the need for FDI has facilitated wealthy, not illegal or refugee, immigrants’ arrival through the EB5 process, but it isn’t enough.
U.S. Embassies can do more to try to facilitate investment. Ambassadors and other diplomats are often concerned with security, and placating the local governments, but they can do more to help increase purchases of U.S. property and to help increase American equity. A country is a business in the sense that it contains equity. That equity increases when people who aren’t in the U.S. decide to move their money there. I promise that if I am appointed as a U.S. ambassador, I will do everything I can with the resources and privileges, with which I would be provided, to help any company that wants me to assist them in the marketing of their product, stock, property or other assets to foreign buyers or investors.
I was in Hanoi when the U.S. did not successfully participate in the defense market. I was shocked by the lack of assistance I received in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam when I asked diplomats to help me with my idea to sell US real estate under the EB5 provision. Security seemed to be all they had time for. We are not in a state of desperation. We need to do more business, generating more equity. Long-term civil service and government employees don’t understand the importance of doing business quickly and at all hours. I do understand that importance, having helped my parents with their real estate investments.
I’m the best choice as a diplomat because I have also taught and written all over Southeast Asia, in several universities. My experience teaching has also taught me enough of the Thai language to be able to communicate in it, but am professionally fluent in Spanish and English. If you sign this petition, you will be helping me to do what I love, travel and represent large commercial interests, but also to make the United States of America a wealthier country with a better economy.
An ambassador can cut through much of the red tape that prevents or slows ordinary citizens from selling us investments overseas. There are permits required, licenses, certificates, and many too many other hoops to jump through when trying to sell American investments. Ambassadors are liberated from many requirements and free to facilitate commerce. I will make it quick and easy to invest in America. I will do it by using the full force of the Department of State and the other powerful agencies it supervises overseas to attract foreign investors, and to facilitate any and all Americans who want to increase our national equity by selling investments overseas. This effort is not being completed by the so-called career diplomats. They are working 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. bankers hours but they don’t care what’s in the bank. They know that as long as they don’t rock the boat too hard, they will be paid and promoted on schedule.
My personality, family, and education have led me to do things differently. My parents invest in real estate, with which I help them. Our best renters have been foreign. I wrote and travelled internationally during my college education, completing a bachelor’s degree after attending postgraduate level conferences and being published locally. It was a rocky if rich road, and I know what it means to go up against the government and win, as I helped several business-oriented politicians do in Georgia. If you place me as an ambassador, I will use the full force of the government to increase American equity.

We support and endorse Carl Spencer Krendel's appointment as U.S. Ambassador. We are confident that he will serve and represent American commercial interests better than career bureaucrats.

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