Help Stop Repossession Of Our Home Shakespeare & SHerwoods Home

    Sadly on account of Mr David Grimm involved in a civil case to assist me to obtain justice Mr David Grimm has actually caused the obstruction of justice. Mr Grimm wrote a civil appeal that was not technically or legally correct. Mr Grimms dereliction has cost me my home while Mr Grimm is not suffering all the court costs of a court case lost on account of himself. This court case has been very traumatic and dramatic. This case cost my job and the only thing that ever made me happy was me home and my dogs. The mortgage company has arrears on account of myself not having a job but the court case lost has had me in a position whereby its not possible to work due to the court case debts Mr Grimm has caused me. The mortgage company has been patient and Mr Grimm has been informed many months of the postion and to furnish the funds to clear the arrears. Mr Grimm has failed to assist and the mortgage company has hired a solicitor to take court action to repossess my home I have lived in for 23 years. Its very important I save my home. My home is for me and my animals SHakespeare Sherwood Shannon Russia and Taz the cat. If I am made homeless then I will not get any unemplyment benefits and I will have no where to live and be absolutely devestated loosing all i own inside my house which are precious momentos from my mother ie her paintings and nik naks. Mr Grimm has left me severely shattered and his lack of asistance to obtain legitimate justice in a case gone badly wrong and no justice on account of himself. I urgently need to raise funds of 7079 punds by monday 13 May 2013 or as much as I can to show the court judge I am trying to save my home and stay in it and trying to get justice in a court case Mr Grimm a so called friend was severely derelict in. I have screamed at David Grimm why he lost the case and had no progess and he has not bothered to help me get justice nor in the financial position Mr Grimm a friend has put me in himse.f I dont find it fair I should loose my home due to Mr Grimm as all curt debts due to Mr Grimm I suffer so when my home is repossessed I am absolutely penniless with nothing for me. I want so much to stay in my home I have been here 23 years. I have a disney dog buried on my property and I am shattered beyond belief what the future brings. I need help to raise as much as I can by Monday 13 May 2013. Please can you help us
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