Save Horace the elephant

  • by: Natalia Moseshvili
  • target: Kiev Zoo Administration, Kiev City Hall, Government of Ukraine

The zoo can never really be a home for wild animals. But at least they deserve good living conditions, fair treatment, attention and care! 

7-years-old elephant called Horace has been living in Kiev zoo for a little over a year now. Poor animal is suffering from loneliness and lack of care. He has become sick with "stereotype"; he doesn't enjoy bathing in the pool, refuses to entertain the public and constantly stares at a single point shifting from one foot to another and rubbing his head against the bars of the cage. 

Horace is not the first victim. A few years ago similar behavior was observed in case of a female bear in the same zoo which eventually rubbed her head down to the skull and died!

We CAN NOT allow one more innocent animal to die of improper-treatment! The administration of the zoo must provide animals with appropriate conditions. If necessary the City Hall of Kiev and the Government of Ukraine must support them financially! If they can't afford to do that, they should provide a "better home" for these animals in a different zoo with better conditions! 

Please sign this petition to demand fair treatment and living conditions for Horace! Living in the zoo is enough punishment for these intelligent, wild creatures.

Dear Director and Deputy Director of Kiev Zoo,
Dear ex-mayor of Kiev Mr. Omelchenko (who gifted Horace to Kiev Zoo),
Dear Mayor of Kiev and government of Ukraine,

The story of Horace broke my heart! 
Although I generally believe all wild animals belong in the wild, I also believe that the zoo can be a SHELTER and HOME for some endangered species (including elephants). The zoos shouldn't be a simple "show-rooms of nature" for kids, but a place where people can learn more about animals; learn how to respect the animals and the nature who created them.

Think for yourself – how long can a human being last in solitude? Regardless how many pets he will have, regardless how many ‘toys’ and luxuries he will have – a human being will still need a friend of his OWN KIND.

And animals are even more sensitive to this issue – it’s in their blood!

I am not asking you to set Horace free, but I URGE you with all my heart to express attention and care for him! I’m sure Ukraine is a civilized country which will not allow another shameful accident such as ANIMAL SUICIDE happen in the Capital’s zoo.

Please provide at least one companion for Horace!
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Hope for your cordiality and prompt actions.

[Your name here]

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