Stop the Exploitation,pollution and ruination of our planet,via television!

  • by: Laurie Faust
  • target: Every shows/channel/network or corperations! that is using/abusing our planet to line their wallets through massive destruction/abuse and pollution

Over the past few years I have seen many "reality" tv shows grow,I do watch see exactly what they are about and am shocked by what I see and do not see!The shows..from "axmen" ,"Gold miners/rush' ,"bamazon" and any other shows showing harm to our planet/wildlife and nature in general..all are decimating our planet right before our eyes!They not only rip through yards of soil that is the foundation for the many trees,vegatation and keeps everything from eroding,but they are polltuting the air and water and ground!The animals are not only being scared but are being forced to go elsewhere..who knows what we have not seen!between the explosions,huge machines,massive bulldozers plowing through trees...I mean in a world where we trying to teach our future generations to care for our hurting planet,praying we aren't too late due to past history of irresponsiblities on our part...we are now airing to millions the blatant disregard we have for our one are human...humans make mistakesbut how stupid are we to make so many and thn have an audience!And for the record,as humans we are to be responsible..we are to be the high life form?"we" are just another creature on this planet,we do not own it...many creatures need it to live also..we are not alone here,although we think we are the high life form and take over everything..we are created equal in the scheme of things..great and small.. are all trying to live a life worth living..why make our tommorows fewer and fewer for our planet!Please watch one of the shows and see what I is horrible...We stand up for the "voiceless"..the animals that people abuse and exploit...well our planet is 'voiceless" and it needs our help...noW!Later may never really be an optoin!

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