Free Tilly!

The captivity of orcas has got to stop. Tilikum has served his time for far too long now. Let him retire in Keiko's sea pen in Iceland. Since the tragic death of Dawn Brancheau Tilikum has been kept isolated in a concrete tank far too small for his size. Does SeaWorld really provide him with the proper care he requires? The only propose Tilikum serves SeaWorld today is as a living reproduction machine. This is no life for any animal, especially not for such an intelligent and social one. Let Tilikum go!

Dear Sir/Madam,

Free Tilly! Transfer him to Keiko's sea pen in Iceland to live out his life in a better environment. Since Keiko's release the pen has remained unused. We humans caught Tilly when he was very young, he has never lived a life of freedom and could never survive in the wild on his own. He was ripped from his familiy before he learned the necessary life skills of an orca. Mankind took that from him, it is our responsibility to provide a better life for him now! Let him live in Iceland with continued human support. It is not his fault the way he is now, we are the ones to blame, so we owe it to him to give him a better, more natural home.

For the future: Is it morally justifiable to continue to use these highly intellligent animals in the ways we do, capturing them to perform for our amusement?

Update #15 years ago
Hello Tilikum-friend

I want to thank each and every one of you for signing my petition to get Tilikum retired. It is a sign of hope, so many people from different parts of this earth, but all with the same goal - standing together as one - fighting for a better live for Tilikum. You all did incredible work with signing and sharing, lets keep the good work up!

We have a long way ahead of us, but together we have a chance of succeeding! Together we are strong! It is up to us to speak up to seaworld now, seaworld won't have the heart to just let him go, so we will let them hear Tilikum's voice through us! And it is time for seawold to listen!

Let us bring Tilikum back to the ocean - his true and natural home!

Take care

Yours sincerely,


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