Save Infinity Train

    Infinity Train is one of my favorite shows a lot of people agree with that cause its there favorite too. It got canceled cause of "No Child Entry Point" and if Cartoon Network really needs one but it doesn't have one they shouldn't just cancel it. Infinity Train follows the lives of passengers on a mysterious train who are abducted and thrown into a world of Infinite pocket universes as the travel from car to car slowly going on there own chaotic and crazy journey of self discovery. Over the very little time this show has been out I have fallen in love with it's creative character story driven plots censoring around adult themes such as divorce, identity, purpose, death and future. It has amazing voice acting, great animation, and an awesome soundtrack composed by chrome canyon. This show just feels like a breath of fresh air from other shows. it was great to see a show like this break the norms of animation. It got cancelled cause it wasn't kiddie enough for the network. That's the problem. Infinity Train was a groundbreaking show that broke the mold, by showing more mature and dark themes to an audience of all ages. It highlighted how animation should be for everyone not just kids Infinity Train showed the world that animated shows can be more dark and mature and be as popular as other shows like "Teen Titans Go!" and other kid shows. It showed that animation IS FOR EVERYONE. And at the height of Its popularity it got cancelled cause of "No Child Entry Point" It had 4 seasons 2 of the 4 were put on HBO Max cause of the "No Child Entry Point". Check it out. The best way to support it is to watch it on HBO Max (They have all the seasons) or go onto social media and post the hashtag #saveinfinitytrain #finishinfinitytrain #moreinfinitytrain or #saveowendennisdream (the creator) because the crew planned for 8 seasons. But all we can do now is hope and wait
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