Annandale Atoms Marching Band One Last Performance

  • by: John Swygert
  • recipient: I am petitioning simply for the support of citizens to promote that The Annandale Atoms Marching Band get one last concert, as their previous concert was cut short at half time during the football game's visiting coach in a debacle now infamous across the

You really need to visit both links herein enclosed first and read the article and then with an openmind express yourself with support here, or elsewhere, or you may choose to do nothing.

I wrote this to them, and at my blog as well, and in a nut shell, while performing their last concert of the year (think about seniors), this decorated band was interuppted mid-performance by the opposing teams coach as he screamed and yelled to get them off the field, while the was assuredly plenty of time as everything was on schedule, and his team had a sizeable lead at this point of  35-7.

This mad man of a coach went on the field yelling and screaming to "get the band off the field", which is just unacceptable, so read the rest of the details at these links, and please show them your support by signing this petition / request to grant them one last final marching band concert they deserve, with respect, and I am pushing to make it in Washington D.C. or even at The White House, if I can garner the support and coverage once this is shared.

I wrote:

I am saddened to see your band (Annandale Atoms) has been treated so poorly. They deserved the utmost respect and were denied that by the other teams coach, as referenced in this article at this link below.

I am a Fairfax County School graduate from 1986 and I participated in Orchestra and Football and Wrestling and other sports.

I did not attend Annandale, however my sister in law and her brother did, and I know of no one in my family or friends that would tolerate this insane behavior. 

One of my best friends in youth became the marching band's Drum Major.

I would have been disgusted to see him treated like this, and it is for all of those reasons I am sorry for your band's and fan's and team's treatment on such a special night for all involved.

I hope the County School Board addresses this county wide, perhaps suggesting a state wide letter too as a way to increase awareness of this unacceptable behavior and prevent another such incident..., and maybe this will spread through social media nationwide, and at any hand, become an example of what not to do, and I think your award winning band should get to play a huge concert, perhaps in Washington D.C., to celebrate what music is about, uplifting the spirit of the individual and the collective, and certainly not just dis-respected entertainment to turn off like a switch to a radio, by an uncouth coach setting a terrible example for all in attendance, and perhaps now an entire country!

This link looks to go viral today, and there is a very good chance WUSA 9 is working on the story as I saw this on their website through a post a family member had made.

We, two sisters and a brother as well as myself in my own family, grew up and all graduated from Fairfax County schools. We still admire those days and stand for something better as we were taught and always speak up when we see mis-givings as such. I am still a musician and still an admirer of sports, and I, for one, only hope this is properly addressed and covered so perhaps the band will get their due respect as earned and proven in competition, as well as music also getting a lift in education as an instrumental program (pun intended) to further enrichment and higher thinking, as it is scientifically proven to nurture the mind into a sharper tool... one the coach that had the tantrum must not maintain, and it is my guess he was never in a respectable musical program.

I hope for healing and better treatment in the future, and I as a musician and sports lover myself will say I know more folks have respect and will not tolerate this kind of behavior acted upon our loving talented hard working youth, and offer my own blessings towards healing I hope the entire band gets to share soon.

They deserve another concert, and I hope it will be huge and soon!

Share this and make this go viral!

Help them to get the concert they so deserve, perhaps even at the White House!


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