Janssen Pharmaceutical, stop the dog experiments !

If you love taking care of animals, it breaks your heart when thinking about what Janssen Pharmaceutica does to little beagles in Belgium ! Every day these animals suffer in anonymity, fear and pain. Every day, NON STOP ! It is a very sad story ! And for which purpose ?!

Janssen Pharmaceutica refuses any interview with camera to people who are concerned about the wellbeing of those animals ! And they abuse various kinds of animals, going from mice,rats, cavias to dogs ! No amount is known, how many animals enter alive and leave mutilated this facility... When a film crew is allowed to enter, everything is measured by words and images, what can and cannot be filmed.

The truth is being well hidden behind cages where tears and blood flow everyday “for the sake of human being" without any mercy for these animals... !

Why are they so frightened, if they have nothing to hide ?! Why do they forbid the camera crews inside ?! Why do they not talk to us ? Do they really not care at all about these animals ?! We might think so, because these daily tortures are going on for years now !

Nobody can imagine what these animals have to go through every day, again and again !

81 % of the Belgian population calls for a ban on all dog experiments !

How is it possible that the federal and Flemish governments keep on pumping money in these concerns such as Janssens Pharmaceutica ?

Loads of tax money flows into animal experiments at Janssen Pharmaceutica every year. It is a big shame that politicians do this so lightly without any shame or hesitation !

Update #37 years ago
These are the images of a beagle rescued from the claws of the animal testing industry. This dog lives now a happy & safe life with a caring family, as it should be !
The beagles at Janssen Pharmaceutical got less luck... Why do not have they the right on a safe & dignified life ?! We ask Janssen Pharmaceutical to STOP dog experiments and to release al beagles for adoption afterwards.



Update #28 years ago
Thank you for your signatures !

I need to call upon you to keep spreading the word & get people to sign this.

The more back up, the more ammunition there is to stop it from continuing.

Update #18 years ago
We now have 2000+ signatures on our petition, but this is nowhere near enough when you consider 45,000+ can attend 1 football match.
Ask yourself if they will do this, to which extend will this go, behind closed doors?
Please do all you can to make your friends family neighbours and colleagues aware of this petition. We must stop, not only the Neanderthals at Janssens Pharmaceutica, but ALL AROUND THE WORLD, from their cruel barbaric practices.
Thanks you very much for your support

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