Total Ban of Animal Testing

  • by: Zar Shah
  • recipient: Global Governments

- chemical laced products?
- innocent defenceless animals being tested on?
- organizations profiting off the misery and suffering of helpless voiceless animals?
- supporting organizations engaged in unethical and immoral practices/trading?

I have no intention of preaching or lecturing but urge all good right thinking moral people to support what is RIGHT!

I am not going to upset you with distressing facts, figures and images in an effort to shock you into signing the petition but refer you to animal welfare organization websites like PETA.ORG where you can see the evidence for yourself.

People spend hundreds of EUR, £, $, Rupees etc. annually on products but are unaware of how and with what they are being produced. By buying & using these products consumers are unknowingly supporting a global industry which is exploiting and abusing animals.

Please HELP ME to STOP this!
- Show me that I am not ALONE in this cause.
- Show that you care for the welfare and safety of animals.
- Show that you don't want to see animals caged and suffering in laboratories.
- Show these organizations that we as a global consumer market have power.
- Tell these organizations that consumers demand natural cruelty free products and services.

If you do one good thing in life - let it be this - MAKE A STAND and have YOUR VOICE COUNTED!

A recent incident impassioned me to take action and to start this petition.
Please support me in this campaign to send a STRONG and CLEAR message to organizations and governments the world over that this is no longer acceptable and we DEMAND ethical cruelty free quality products and services not only nationally but internationally also.

How you can help:
- Sign the petition to show your support.
- Spread the word and encourage friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances to sign &support.
- Let your local stores and governments know that this is not acceptable any longer.
- Let your favourite brands/companies know that you don't want products and services that harm animals.
- Demand & Ask for Cruelty Free Products & Services EVERYTIME!
- Download Bunny Free App and check that what you are buying is cruelty free.

A small gesture or change on your part could mean a revolution!

To donate towards campaign and for the rescue & care of animals, click on link:


Update #53 years ago
Thank you to those that have signed but we have a long way to go. I need to see more people from Ireland supporting this petition, please spread the word.
Did you know that animal testing and the sale of such products is banned in Europe by Law yet countries are still selling these products. Why is this being allowed & why are countries not being brought to account? U need to challenge UR politicians, governments & regulating bodies. I urge you to take a stand to prevent animal cruelty & abuse.
Update #43 years ago
Thank you for your support. I am actively researching & challenging companies, governments & regulatory bodies on the issue of animal testing across all product industries. Please urge your governments to abolish animal testing, without your support & action, nothing can happen. We all need to act together. Contact companies & the brands that you buy on the issue of animal testing & encourage them to abandon such inhumane practices. There are better more humane alternatives available.
Update #33 years ago
An animal's life is worth no less than ours. They feel pain just like we do. WE need to protect & stand up for them.

What can one person do?
- End apartheid (Nelson Mandela)
- Bring hope and salvation to the outcast (Mother Teresa)
- Bring the world together for a cause - BandAid (Bob Geldof)
- End segregation (Martin Lurther King)

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FB: Zar Shah Humane
Twitter: @zarshahhumane
Hashtag: #whatdoyoustandfor?

Update #23 years ago
Day 2

Good morning dear friends,

I have never done anything so big in my life, but in order to bring about change, one has to start with oneself. I refuse to buy or use anything which has meant cruelty and suffering for others.

If I accomplish this in my lifetime, I will feel I have lived a purposeful and worthwhile life.

Please help me to make this dream a reality ..... this is not just my fight but yours too.

Please encourage friends, family and colleagues to sign the petition.

Update #13 years ago
Thank you to everyone who has signed the petition so far and I urge you to please ask your friends and family to do the same. We have a big goal ahead and together we can do it! You have become part of something great and noble that YOU should be proud of.

There are many things in the world that we may not be able to change but this is something each one of us has the power to change RIGHT NOW.

Please link with me on:
Facebook: zarshah.humane
Twitter: @zarshah_humane

Many Thanks

Zar Shah
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