WAZA help shut down cruel zoos and stop animal performances

  • by: P Holmes
  • target: President of WAZA, Ms. Susan Hunt

WAZA's (World Association for Zoos and Aquariums) vision and mission expresses their desire to help make a real difference for animals in captivity on a global scale with committment to animal conservation and excellent zoos and aquarium management.

WAZA told me: "There are over 10,000 zoos and aquariums in the world, yet only 353 meet the standards to be WAZA members. The remainder are sub-standard, often to the point of criminally poor care, and can be found throughout the world. WAZA addresses the husbandry and health concerns in these facilities as often as it can, but the scale is beyond the capacity of any single organization"

With this admission and knowledge, it is unconscionable to say it is beyond their scope to help shut down these sub-standard zoos. WAZA President said, they need to be in the "tent", so stop giving lip service and put their money where their mouths are.

It is also deeply troubling that several of WAZA's members zoos are involved in animal exploitation and cruelty. Two of the members are Hanover Zoo, Germany and Taman Safari, Bogor Indonesia are cruelly exploiting these innocent animals for profit. Since when has performing animal acts/rides and use of bullhooks on animals become a conservation effort?

Taman Safari is owned by Tony Samampau, the Sec General of PKBSI (Indonesia Zoos and Aquariums Association) Taman Safari also runs a travelling dolphin circus forcing them to jump through flaming hoops!

Please join me to

1) demand WAZA take the horrors they witnessed to the countries responsible and help shut down these hell holes and have the animals transferred to some of the better zoos or better yet to sanctuaries!

2) demand WAZA end performing animals acts and rides from their association members and engage only in protected contact to manage elephants

Thanks as always for your support. For the animals!

"Mother nature is cruel by design, humans are cruel by choice" ~P Holmes

Dear Ms. Hunt,

It seems like every week brings another story of terrible animal neglect and abuse at a poorly-managed zoo.

As the leader of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, I implore you to do more to end cruel zoos. 


I understand from the Care2 petition I am signing that many of the worst zoos are not members of your association and do not meet your standards. Unfortunately, there are recent examples of clearly drugged animals being used for photos, abusive trainer behavior towards young elephants, and engagement in the Taiji dolphin slaughter and harvest that are deeply troubling and do involve your member zoos and aquariums.

Please take immediate steps to correct WAZA members by ending animal performances and disallowing animal interactions with zoo patrons such as photo shoots. Additionally, please put resources into working with the applicable authorities and animal rights organizations to close down rouge zoos and aquariums.

Thank you for your leadership for animals everywhere,

Update #15 months ago

I have read some horrors about Rangunan Zoo in Indonesia who, is supposedly a member of WAZA.

I will be having videos of this zoo soon, and will be able determine the condition of this zoo.

Please continue to share this petition, for the animals. We must hold WAZA accountable!

Thanks as always for your support, and for caring.
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