Review Obamas Executive Orders for Constitutionality

  • by: Liberty Barham
  • target: U.S. Congress: All Executive Orders issued by Obama

Obama has continually circumvented the statutes of our Constitution and our Bill Of Rights to enslave We, the People, in an endless barrage of restrictions, stipulations, and loss of human and civil rights. Under his "rule", the American people have been subjected to the following, though it is not a complete list:
Forced vaccinations of our children, with Mercury, aluminum, human and/or animal DNA, embalming fluid and more, killing tens of thousands of our babies each year;
Forced flouridation of our water with chemical waste flouride, causing brain and physical damage to tens of thousands of our children each year;
Government access to all our private information including copies of all our texts, e-mails, bank and purchase records, our browsing history and public posts and private information on social websites, medical history and priveleged psychiatric information, as well as school, church, and private club information;
Forced acceptance of surveilance media such as Smart Meters, wristbands, Chipped I.D.'s, Recorders on public transit vehicles, cameras,on street corners and even in your own yard;
Drones, do I even need to go there...spy drones, killing drones, all legally unleashed on the American public, that is, We, the People;
Chemtrails sprayed in our skies constantly, raining down a fetid mix of virus pathogens, heavy metals and known brain damaging toxins, washing into our soil and water supply with every rain, causing sickness in estimated millions since it started;
GMO's, which have reduced fertility among our entire population, caused illness and disease in the bodies of millions, killed and caused to be incapable of reproduction, hundreds of thousands of livestock across the U.S. and world, introduced exorbitant amounts of toxins into our food supply through livestock and crops, endangered our entire crop and ecosystem in the mid U.S., and the consequences of their release into our planet has only begun to be calculated, as they have been supported by our government and FDA, the very organization whose job it is to protect our food supply from toxins;
Assault on our right to choose healthy organics and alternative healing modes, homeschool our children, produce and sell whole products like milk and cheese, not put toxins into our children, in the form of forced vaccinations, the slaughter of livestock for their hair color, unlawful raids and seizures of; raw milk and cheese products, forced removal of citizens' herb and vegetable gardens nationwide, forced brutal Cancer "care" for minors, and finally, by forced Government healthcare that you must pay for, or be fined for not paying for, and use only the methods practiced by mainstream physicians, ie: pharmaceuticals(that kill hundreds of thousands of us per year), radiation treatments(that causes Cancer in hundreds of thousands of us per year), or good old surgery, which offers to remove your breasts as a measure of preventing Cancer;
We, the People, can legally be seized by our government and thrown into a detention camp, without accusation, proof, or witness, for as long as the Government sees fit, and even legally assisinated, on our own front yard, by a order from a secret panel of the President's Men, so to speak, with no need for any justification whatsoever. Maybe they just like your name...or maybe they don't;
The running of our country, our economy, financial debt and money sytem, food and healthcare, education system, and transportation system, by the hands of Corporations, known perverts, Elite Bankers and Globalists, and other "investors" in political positions of power, none of which have been duly elected by We, the People, to be allowed to have that responsibility over our country.
How much more can We. the People. possibly take?
It's time for our government to actually represent us, We, the People, and examine all orders stripping away rights or allowing Government tyranny, and take legal action to reverse, repeal, ammend, or cancel them, with final approval of measures taken given by general consensus of We, the People.

Dear Congress of The United States Of America,
It is the wish and sincere desire of the undersigned members of We, the People, mentioned in and protected by the United States Constitution, to humbly request that you make session time to review every one of the Executive Orders issued by Barrack Obama, for threat to the liberties of the American people, that you were created as a check of balance to protect against Executive misuse of power, and for strict adherance to the laws set out by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Further, We, the People, request that you take whatever legal measures, using whatever means you are allowed, to correct, ammend, or cancel, all or part of each order that does not comply with the guidelines set forth in the aforementioned documents.
In regard to any corrections or ammendments, We, the People, do, respectfully request that those changes be put before us, for a vote, before being instituted, or made law, and that all E.O.'s up for change, be frozen for use, until a vote occurs.
Thank you for your protection and service to our beloved country and Constitution, and for taking time to hear and respect the wishes of We, the People.

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