This Woman Murdered Her 10 Year-Old Autistic Son. And She Is Not In Jail!

As an Autistic person, I am both furious and anxious over the news (as presented on 60 Minutes Australia) that Daniela Dawes murdered her 10 year-old Autistic son Jason, and has been let off by the judges.
Also, the news station needs to learn to use only more Autism-friendly language when talking about those with Autism. They described him as "a very troubled child", and also portrayed Autistic people (including poor young Jason) as a "burden". No one can help how they are born! Autism is a spectrum. Autistic people can be extremely smart, creative, caring, kind, friendly and wonderful people. We can achieve success in life. If anything, some of our mental health and behavioural can be a burden, not us. Do you think we would choose to have anxiety and mental health issues? I know some people on the spectrum are more severe than I am (I am quite highly functioning), but that is not their fault! They still need understanding and to be treated with compassion, as all Autistic people do (as every sentient being does). That's why I am also petitioning 60 Minutes Australia to change their language about Autism and change the way they depict Autism and Autistic people to be more compassionate and promote more compassion and understanding of Autism and Autistic people.
This woman suffers terribly from murdering Jason and has even cut herself over it and will probably be miserable for the rest of her life over it. But just because a murderer suffers a great deal of mental distress and physical harm to themselves over the murder doesn't mean that they didn't murder someone, and doesn't mean that there shouldn't be legal consequences. Daniella Dawes should be in jail for at least 5-10 years over this murder and, if possible, banned and prevented from ever having any more kids, and (possibly) have any remaining kids taken away for their safety. This woman should not be allowed to get away with her disgusting hate crime against a person with Autism!

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