Stop animal testing for cosmetic products!

There’s a good chance that some beauty product you have used in your life has been tested on an animal before it was put into production, shipped to a store, and you bought it. Over 100 millions animals are burned, crippled, poisoned, abused, crushed, sliced, electrocuted, and have toxic chemicals sprayed into their eyes in US labs every year. This animal testing has led us to see that animal testing is unethical. One animal dies in a lab in the US every second, in Japan every two seconds and every twelve seconds in the UK.
The central nervous system of many animals is quite similar to our own, meaning that they feel pain in the same way that we do. If I touched the lit end of a cigarette to a rat's nose, it would hurt him just as much as it would hurt you. We frequently act as though animals are inferior, ignoring their capacity to feel pain. If you have ever had a pet of your own, you should know that animals experience pain just the same as we do. In addition to the central nervous system, the limbic system in the human brain, which accounts for our emotional range, is prominent in all mammals. If you look at their faces, tails, bodies and, most importantly, their eyes, what you will see on the outside tells you a lot about what’s happening inside an animals’ head. The emotional as well as physical pain that goes with some human diseases is devastating and it is something people who have experienced such would probably not wish on their worst enemy. That being said, you should know that many human diseases do not naturally occur in animals. This means that testers have to artificially introduce them in a lab.
The real-life applications for some of the tested substances are as inconsequential as a new eye shadow to replace a profitable pharmaceutical whose patent expired. These unnecessary experiments cause pain to the animals or reduce their quality of life. It is morally wrong for animals to suffer and experimenting on animals causes moral troubles.

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