Stop The Shopping Channel from selling genuine fur products


The original goal was 100, 000 signatures and it appears people care enough  to surpass that request.  Lets keep it going and thank you so very much for giving a dam and not just ignoring this idiocy!!  


I have recieved several emails from employees who still work at The Shopping Channel, Customer Service Department, after my last update in October.  

TSC still want their reps to tell people that the fur is farmed eithically and that they respect the fact that not everyone wants to buy fur, but please respect the choice of those who do.  Same old song and dance.  I wonder if I put that response to music if it would sound any better, ha.  

It also appears that they do get a fair amount of calls and emails complaining about TSC selling genuine fur products, yet they keep doing so. Not only that, but in my humble opnion encourage their reps to flat out lie by telling people how ethically the fur is farm.  

Interesting, but I am not the only one besides with the person who used to work for the Toronto Humane Scociety, remembering them saying on a few of their faux fur shows that they would never sell genuine fur products.  They are getting emails and calls from viewers stating the same. 

I wonder if a person called and asked them how this fur is ethically farmed as opposed to not being ethically farmed and tortured to death, if they could even give a comparision!?  No, because there are no comparisons but it would make for an interesting phone call or email just to see them squirm.

A phone call would be better because in order to end the call (unless of course we hung up first but probably would not) they would have to hang up first, which means getting them in trouble with their supervisor.  A rep ending the call gives us another reason to contact them by phone and talk about the fur issue once more with the supervisor.   As long as we were not rude, they have to stay on the line.  None of this, " Give me your email and we will get back to you." crap.   At that point all you would get is reasurance, not facts.  

Steven D Goldsmith.....CEO  The Shopping Channel

Lella Liuzzi...................Vice President Merchandising The Shopping Channel

Joe Genova..................Director Fashion/Accessories The Shopping Channel

Ines Graca...................Buyer Fashion/Accessories The Shopping Channel

I have a few things planned for the new year to bring more attention to this issue. 

It seems The Shopping Channel is now selling genuine fur boots. In this day and age, really!!

When I got over my shock and disgust I emailed them to complain and of course the response I received was pretty stupid. They claim they use ethical fur farms & that the supplier is environmentally friendly. Are they serious?

Most of us are aware that fur farms are nothing but individual torture chambers for animals, with a slow agonizing death. Some have their necks broken which does not always kill the animals immediately. An attempt to break an animals neck and not be successful means the animal is convulsing from pain, blood flying our of it's ears, nose and throat. Then there is gassing of the animal but not always successful, so they wake as their skin comes off. There are some who just die of starvation and developed mental illnesses from being kept in a cage 24/7. The the smell of urine and feces these animals have to breath in everyday leads to serious illness which is rarely looked after because it cuts into profits, and some just get to lay in their own feces and urine until their skin is burnt. Last but not least there is trapping. Gee, that is ethical for sure. Maybe we should all start fur farming and trapping!?

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I did ask the question, did they or did they not say on TV several years ago that they would not sell any genuine fur products? That question was never answered. But prior to posting this petition I learned that in the 1980's they had an anti-fur policy. I spoke to a lady, who used to work for the Toronto Humane Society during the 1980's, and she told me they approached her to do talk on the cruelty of fur.  Before she even had chance to do it they implemented a no fur policy so her information session was cancelled. 

As for the environment toxic chemicals are used to treat, sometimes add color and preserve the pelt, which either gets dumped into the ground or the water illegally or legally. Either way it is not in our interest to have extra chemical flying around for no good reason other than to skin some poor animal for profits.

This is the link to the “ethical and environmentally friendly” boots they are selling from China.

Contact info for The Shopping Channel You must go to their customer service in order to fill out the complaint. Unfortunately.  Plus a phone number below.

Here is the response below.

Hello Lisa, Thank you for your e-mail to The Shopping Channel.

We know that whether or not people want to wear fur is a personal choice and we respect that. In return, we hope that people will respect our ethical and responsible use of fur.

This vendor is deeply committed to the preservation of our global environment.

If we use fur that is not a by-product of the food industry, we ensure the fur is ethically sourced.

We appreciate your feedback in this regard. Thank you and have a great day.

Note: If this response is not one of the worse responses ever, but also an insult to my intelligence and anyone else who is over the age of two, what is?


Your Shopping Channel Customer Care Team Phone: 1-888-2020-888 (24-hour order line)

Here is a sample letter for your use:

It is very disappointing to see that The shopping Channel has lowered itself and now sells genuine fur products.

As a society and this includes everyone, we need to hold ourselves to a higher standard and stop abusing animals for profit. Remember, we get the choice of how we want to live our lives, but fur bearing animals for the fashion industry does not get that privilege. They are here according to their own interests not ours.

What is ironic is that The Shopping Channel promotes cruelty free, no animal tested cosmetics, yet has lowered itself to sell fur. Being a hypocrite and turning a blind eye for money or any reason, does not stop their suffering.

Please reconsider and stop selling genuine fur products.  Hold yourself and your customers to a higher standard.  Set a president for the rest and be proud of it.



PS. I want to thank everyone in advance for their kindness, support and compassion. 

This petition would be meaningless without all of you.  Thank you!!!!  Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

It is very disappointing to see that The Shopping Channel is now selling genuine fur products.

As a society and this includes retailers, we need to hold ourselves to a higher standard and not torture animals for profits. We get the choice of what we want to do and buy but they do not. They do not get the choice of keeping the skins on their backs or have a life that is free from pain and fear, allowing them to live  according to their won interests not ours.

You know what is ironic? The Shopping Channel sells and promotes cruelty free cosmetics, then turns around and sells genuine fur products. Being hypocritical only serves your profits and for millions of fur bearing animals it means a slow painful death, that leaves them begging for their life.  

Please reconsider your decision to sell these products by holding yourself and your customers to a higher standard.  

Update #62 years ago
I tried many times to contact Rodgers, but I have heard nothing!!!

They are now selling Nygard winter coats with real fox fur trim.,N:2062614,E:11899940.

Check out the feed back and we can leave feed back as well.
Update #53 years ago
Hi everyone.

Still no response from the Shopping Channel or Rodgers, who owns The Shopping Channel.

In order to send the message to Rodgers and The Shopping Channel, we need a Twitter Storm! Lets get as many tweets out there as we can. Ask your friends and family to please contact or tweet, and tell The Shopping Channel to stop selling animal torture for profits. Thank you all for your support.


Update #43 years ago
Here is a contact for customer service without having to fill out their form.
Update #33 years ago
I was contacted by someone who quit her job at The Shopping Channel because they are selling genuine fur. She also told me that other than the response below, they tried to convince their employees the fur was made from "road kill".

In the end The Shopping Channel lost an outstanding employee from what I have learned.

Point of interest, The Shopping Channel is part of Rodgers Network.

Update #13 years ago
UPDATE: The Shopping Channel is also selling genuine fur collars.
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