Demand Justice for Dog who had Ears Mutilated!

  • by: Mark Landowski
  • target: District Attorney Kelly A. Lehn, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Nong F. Vang, an 18 year old Asian man told Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin humane officers it was his puppy and he could do with it whatever he wanted.  This mentally disturbed man cut off his puppy's ears with a razor blade resulting in the dog's death.  In Vang's case, District Attorney Kelly A. Lehn quotes that she does not think she could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the actions that led to the charges were committed in Wood County Wisconsin since the man also had a residence in Minnesota.

It makes NO DIFFERENCE where this crime occurred.  A crime of Animal Abuse HAS BEEN COMMITTED, and this Nong F. Vang admitted to doing it, and "Justice Needs to be Served" for his heinous actions!!  We ask that this case be reopened, and Felony charges be served against this monster who is nothing but a threat to society walking the streets a free man, because District Attorney Kelly A. Lehn dropped the charges.  This man can, and will do this crime again because of the fact that they received NO PUNISHMENT for his sick criminal behavior.  Please take immediate action, and arrest this man and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law with Felony animal cruelty charges!!!

Dear District Attorney Kelly A. Lehn,

I am submitting a petition to you, in which the following people of this petition object to the release of Nong F. Vang back onto the streets for his heinous actions in mutiliating his dogs ears, which resulted in the dog's death.  Please kindly arrest this man and charge him with Felony animal cruelty charges.  By allowing this man to walk the streets a free man, will only result in him re-offending and doing this to another animal or worse yet, a child or another human being.  He is simply nothing but a threat to society, from this malicious crime that he committed.  This man openly confessed to Wisconsin Rapids, WI humane officers, that it was his puppy, and he could do whatever he wanted with his puppy.  It should make no difference where this man committed this crime, and therefore he should be charged for the crime and pay the consequences for his morbid actions.


Mark Landowski, and fellow signers of this petition

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