No animal should be without medical care

    On 5-1-2018 I Miranda Stovall had a woman standing in my yard crying for help, her little dog was attacked byb3 other dogs.
    I drove the dog to the VCA Valley Medical Center and Emergency Hospital
    At 46920 Jefferson Street Indio ca 92201
    Phone number 760-342-4711

    After 48 minutes of standing in the waiting room the little dog started to bleed from his mouth and nose, I yelled and asked when they were going to look over the dog as he had his stomach opened and his insides exposed. They made me wait awhile longer and then took him on the back where they said he was stabbed but never ran any blood work or checked his heartbeat.

    I got to the clinic at 3pm, it took 2 hours to drive to them, by 10pm the veterinarian doctor said he needed emergency surgery and a drain out inside of him, they said it would cost 2 thousand dollars maybe as he would have to wait until they went inside the dog and looked.

    We waited for the owner to show up as she is an old woman and needed her caregiver to help her, the owner came at 4am and by that time we had a new veterinarian who said she didn't agree with the other veterinarian that she was more educated than he was, she said they dog needed a lot more down and because of that the cost was higher.

    The new veterinarian said and her staff that we needed 4 thousand dollars in cash to have the dog treated, we told them that I the good Samaritan didn't have that and the pet owner also didn't have that on her.

    We asked for them to come up with a payment plan as I personally paid for the Xrays on the dog and his check in of $500 to their hospital for care.

    They went and got the dog from the back and laid him on the counter and said take your dog to the owner!
    We can't help him unless we have 4 thousand dollars, he will die.

    I demanded care I demanded and paid for pain medication and antibiotics as they were just sending the dog home with nothing but to die in the arms of the old woman as he was still bleeding slowly from his stomach.

    They said he had 40 to maybe 48 hours max to get the surgery.

    Today I demand why they sent an animal who was a victim of a horrible attack in his own back yard by 3 pitbulls who opened his stomach up and crushed his body with several hole home to an 80 year old woman who cant care for herself yet a dog in his condition unless she gave them 4 thousand dollars up front on a surgical procedure they had no idea what the cost would be.

    Help me fight against them help me demand answers and treatment of this dog Buddy before it's to late.
    Update #210 months ago
    I want to thank you all for your support and respect for animals and Buddy.
    Update #110 months ago
    I would like to personally thank everyone who has signed so far, please share and let's keep this going.
    Also a fundraiser has been started for Buddy in Hope's to help with medical care, you can also visit
    Help Save Buddy

    Again thank you for your time and support for Buddy and to hold the veterinarian hospital accountable for their actions.
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