Say NO to Pet Shop Puppies !!!!

Those who should sign this are the ones who call themselves animal lovers, advocates , animal health workers. If I can start small by impacting the community I currently live in and eventually make an example out of Canada.

We all know that purchasing cats and dogs from petshops are indirectly putting most of the profits into the hands of puppy mills. We all know what puppy mills are and if not I will remind you that they are inhumane farms of over bred bitches that litter numerous puppies. They are confined often in too small cages usually filthy and stacked on top of one another. There is no care or regard at all for the animals.  The people who run mills are only money makers to which dogs and cats considered hot commodities and not sentient beings.

On another note, not only do you put money back in these peoples pockets it generates the interest to keep them running and allowing this sick process to live. Also, when we buy from petshops most often the animals become very sick or are already sick. They come with no real papers, no real guarantee of a healthy animal which can put pressure on owners wallets to keep their pet alive and unfortunately a lot of people end up losing their pet from death. 

On a final note, I leave you with a fact that I live in a province that has the MOST and HIGHEST puppy mills rate in Canada! Please stop this by saying no more. ADOPT instead or if you really want a specific breed do your homework and go to a registered breeder! In the long run you will have made the best choice . For you and the dogs !!

Thank you,
Sincerely Dael.


Dear Prime Minister of Quebec, Mme. Pauline Marois

I beg of you to take this issue seriously. I believe that laws take time to evolve, improve or change completely. This is an issue very close to my heart and to others too. Since British Columbia passed a new law to banning selling puppies and kittens in pet shops , Toronto followed suit and it made me believe that justice can prevail. Our province needs some serious attention in this matter. Please consider re evaluating the animal welfare laws.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. 

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