Put an End to Killer Whale Shows at Seaworld

Killer whales are beautiful and incredibly intelligent animals that deserve so much more. Whales in captivity are subjected to conditions that are not only unnatural but also cruel. They spend their day swimming around a concrete pool when whales in the wild often swim 100 miles a day. It is a known fact that animals in captivity used for performing are subject to depression, frustration, and lack of energy. Often times whales are seen floating at the surface for hours on end which would never happen in the open ocean. Though SeaWorld has denied it, there is footage describing how they have separated mothers and calves which sadly only adds to their whales' depression. Roughly 95% of killer whales in captivity experience collapsed dorsal fins while this only occurs in 1% of orcas in the wild.
Orcas have highly developed brains which allows them to have strong family bonds and heightened emotions. Captivity deprives them of so much and their quality of life is at an extreme low which too often results in aggression.
These are just a few reasons why I strongly urge you to help me give killer whales the life and freedom that they so greatly deserve.

Update #57 years ago
SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby announced Monday that SeaWorld San Diego will end its orca shows by 2017. No longer will these beautiful animals be forced to perform and they will be seen in a more "natural setting", however we know that captivity could never compare to conditions in the wild. It is still unclear if the other SeaWorld locations will be ending their shows as well. Orcas should NOT be in captivity to begin with and we need to help set them free.
Update #47 years ago
SeaWorld is proposing a plan to build larger orca tanks, and while this sounds like a good idea, we know that any size tank is too small. These orcas deserve so much more than just swimming in circles everyday of their lives. Help me in getting our voices heard and convincing SeaWorld officials to finally grant freedom to their beautiful animals.
Update #37 years ago
Canadian officials are on the verge of passing a bill that will prohibit the use of marine mammals for entertainment in amusement parks. If this is possible in Canada, let's make it possible in the US! Let's keep working together to stop the use of animals for entertainment. I'm not giving up and I hope you're not either. We still need more signatures so I continue to ask for support. Thanks!
Update #27 years ago
We have a hit a brick wall regarding signatures. There have been no new signatures in the past few days so because of this I strongly urge you to spread the word about my petition to your friends, family, co-workers, etc. Together we can pick this up again! Thank you so much to everyone who has signed so far!
Update #17 years ago
SeaWorld is continuing their efforts to increase ticket sales and so far they have been successful. After the release of Blackfish, attendance declined as audiences realized that keeping whales in captivity for entertainment is wrong. However with their new commercial drawing people back in, now is the time to act and put a stop to this.
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