Close the Kennel of TELDE, (Gran Canaria Island, Spain): require political liabilities

  • by: Yoila Martin
  • target: Address to: Presidente del gobierno de La Comunidad Canaria: Paulino Rivero: - Cabildo de Gran Canaria:

Many times Media information did show the dramatic conditions of that Kennels: no control access, no security measures, no cleaning staff, people taking foods and animals away without legal punishment, but Someone getting money to "manage it". Animals are again the victims, they pay with their lives. This time I was there and show the dramatic conditions I share with photos and the local television program recorded there. Noone knows anything about the puppies, some of them have probably died, where are they? Who is responsible for that?

Last September 8th, feast in  Gran Canaria Island , I arrived in the transient Kennel of Telde, a municipality of the island of GC, which according to the President of the Council, will aim to be the first European destination of tourism with  pets.-When this is the 5th community in Spain drop-outs (abandoned animals), the first country in the EU  abandoning pets.-

Deputy complaint filed in the Civil Guard (Seprona: in charged of issues related to Nature and animals offenses)

After a week in which all the authorities “passed the ball” because they didn't want to admit the complaint arguing excuses of all kinds; The local police who refuses to attend the scene, in the first instance ( apparently operation and regulations differ in each municipality, Increible) The person responsible for collection and keeping  animals is in a population that is 1 hour by car from the place, as to have a vital urgency with the animals

The graphic testimony is included in the local news on Sunday 9th September ( Televisión canaria) :

Two reporters were witnesses of the events. Also photos and videos recorded by me (80 pictures and 3 videos), bear witness to the facts, together with the presence of other neighbouring witness of the city.-

The two local cops who went there, when I warned to various media and told them the refusal of the police to do their duty, are not identified with its TIP, and lack of information and necessary training in animal theme,  no real  interest


FACTS: On September 8th at 13: 10pm,  I Visited the site (the kennel) with a neighbour ,it was dirt, damage, patching in bars, in a word: deplorable: 6 puppies tucked against the outer gate and groans coming from a cage that is in the inner enclosure closed with lock, temperature exceeding 28ºC.-

6 puppies cited in a sorry state .-Two of them with data of extreme thinness, malnutrition, parasites, conjunctivitis, etc Inside the compound, several cages, the aforementioned cage, 3 puppies that ceased not from moaning .I called my veterinary and  informed her, requesting starring and subsequent report .I told her to show the graphics (videos and photos) later on - We left  the place to obtain water, food, drinking feeding and drinking,  as a fenced corner had a piece of plastic bottle with water in the sun, a fact that could cause diarrhea in puppies. And if they were abandoned "after the last control on Friday, who laid that water outside the cages  if the manager told the police that there were no animals there?


At 16 pm approximately  we got there again , feast: closed shops, municipal veterinarian of vacation, and as  member of the Seprona told us last friday, many of them in Teror, location of the celebration of the Island Feast.-

We provided food under the gate, desperate puppies escaped, put their heads by Gates-see photos- and begin to eat and drink. We leave a sort of blanket.


The prime police officer didn´t identify himself, unknew animal theme and indicated that the Clerk (HOTDOG Enterprise) replied: "there are no animals in cages"-first lie;   just took notes in a tiny notebook, asked me for my documentation, insisted that the clerk said "no animals"
I showed him  the video taken in the morning, within minutes later, of the cage pups begin to moan, first hand witnesses of lying referenced: there are animals in the cage

When I said that I needed a copy  OF THE POLICE REPORT, He responded:” not necessary, only make reference to it "One hour later the person responsible of HOTDOG:responsible for the collection and care of animals arrived, and the first thing he said : in front of the television cameras: "I'll take care of the dangerous dogs"

Question: so what was he doing  there if all dogs were puppies?

Second question: the same individual said:: who put dogs in cages?

Isn't he responsible for collection and keeping of animals? Who else holds the keys?


Another discriminatory comment: it is customary to leave dogs in cardboard boxes,  recently I found one bound by a leg- and points out the rope-with a wound


These 6 puppies have pulled them by the fence (excellent security system, control and above all protection for animals when the weekend and holidays nobody appears there)(, and dogs at that time can die and agonizing dramatically)


Fourth: when he opened the lock of the cages reluctantly, calls me: “here noone can  record with cameras

“ why?”.-I asked:  it -is a public site and there is no information indicating it

I go and I noted a cage of cement with a drinking device too high for puppies to access to :a trough in the floor with little food and filled with excrement, around the cage and about the  dogs the situation was similar: excrement everywhere, three cubs Shivering in a corner.

When I told him the issue of dirt, 7:35 pm, took a hose reluctantly and unceremoniously waters, instead of changing the puppies to a dry cage, taking 5 of the 6 that were outside the cages (I indicated him the urgent need to provide veterinary assistance to one of them in serious condition.)  and puts them in the cage. They begin to tremble, moan, climb on top of each other: We proposed to leave  a blanket inside. Those supplicants looks and moans I dig into the heart and accompany me in the form of nightmares since then Police inspector arrived, I asked the clerk to take the puppy to veterinary clinic , the so called: the Shearwaters.

He said:”I already know what the veterinary will do, injection of vitamins and already is”

A 8: 35 pm we left the place; until 11 pm we did  a follow-up with people from Animal Shelter Organizations, the individual was  at the Veterinary Clinic, but as there were people, did not wait and left!.-He spoke with someone by phone and said:” on Monday something will happen!

On Sunday we went back to the kennel at 18:55pm , but this time the police came without noone called them!,  2 min later appeared the  inspector

I asked him about the  puppy taken to veterinary and he told me: Was taken to veterinary last night”, to the SHEARWATERS.

"No Mr inspector, the clerck was in a hurry and left without attending the puppy".-


Surprise on his face and responded:”he  took him to his home to go to another clinic in neighborhood "It is curious or is that nothing fits?"

 I realized that there was another dog in the cage, adult barking, I asked: Yes, last night got it us-police-asked:

We are going to get a  copy of the official report you did yesterday

"Wait until Tuesday, my colleague who came before made a report and I did another, we send it to health department." (No to Judge??)

On Tuesday we went to National police, two hours and half waiting, they sent us to judicial police, one of them  seing the picture of the puppy,- the worst health situation.- only the photo, said: “ this puppy is dead


They insisted that they , somehow, were limited to apply the right legal measures and  will not have major consequences,” best seprona (Civil Guard)”, they said

We were there  until 10: 30 PM with the idea that something happens and no one is interested in this to come to light

On Friday morning, three of us, spent one hour and a half in the Seprona, .-a jug of cold water.- delivered  them the report  with CD of photos, VIDEOS, link to TV report


"There is no body of crime"-

“Office.- I said.- there were  9 puppies and suddenly  disappeared and are not they living beings? Where are they, what has happened to them? A superficial discourse lacking interest of real action to it. “I ´ll send the report to Town Hall area and Cabildo and we´ll go there to see”.- That´s all again, if there is not a veterinary report or Seprona officer there, even if there are cameras, people, videos and photos, there are no evidence of the crime, puppies don´t exist!!!


On Wednesday 12th, puppies  were still in that kennel, when Councilman and the veterinarian of the place on digital media indicated that on Monday, Wednesday, Friday all animals are sent to the Insular Kennel , the so called Bañaderos-

Who lie and why, who cover and why? Why everyone  is not interested in blocking the report to reaching Court?

A volunteer called the inspector, who was there on Saturday, to ask about the official report and the reason  why it was not referred to court?

Answer: the police do not understand about animals, forwarded it to Telde health department.-where  the veterinarian workes- how am I going to throw stones on its roof.



Seprona said: you must call veterinary and the seprona officer as well, “on holiday, Yes, minimum staff”

Moore than 90 people  wrote, asking for puppies to adopt, nothing is known, the veterinarian declared to a media::”they are getting better”


Animals are victims pay with their lives, cannot speak or vote, can not defend themselves, and those who represent us, to say the least, with this type of action conducive to and maintain a tragedy of incalculable proportions


Please sign, share to demand the closure of the kennel, accountable to all the authorities which have not acted properly, and know the whereabouts and status of those puppies, consideration, day, date, and that our voice is their voice


Recently, one could read a new on local medias: “President of the Cabildo (A local authorities in the Islands) said:


“Gran Canaria, first touristic place of the European Union for people loving pets”


Is it either a joke or a nightmare?” Canary Islands is the 5th community in Spain abandoning animals. We don´t have either facilities or legal measures to it: No supermarkets, restaurants, beachs, no access to most places, no buses, you can´t go with your pet to everywhere, just less than 40 touristic lodging , are you going to keep the animals in all your holidays in the Islands?

What are you going to do, as tourist complain often, when you find an abandoned animal and no way to get a solution to.

What are you going to do when you go either for walking or climbing and you often find wounded and abandoned animals, mainly in the countryside?


This community does not protect the lives and rights of innocent people by the way they consider animals and the action of those working “for justice”

Someone wisely said  "If the authorities do not give example with their conduct/behaviour, how can ask citizens to contemplate an exemplary conduct?"


When you offer help to get better conditions for the Kennel and the political responsible can pay for a poor service but does offer the work to Animal Shelters Organizations free, those who haven´t money to face with it!

The place does not have the right conditions required by the law to become a real Shelter:



Recording camera does not work, access without security, theft reported on numerous occasions on the press,

Both food and animals in danger :

"days ago I took  5 pitbull from dogfighting here, later on they disappeared!" Nothing happened, but someone receive money to do , what? Who protects the animals?


Last October at a meeting with the Councillor for animal protection, where members of two Animal Shelters and people from  Las Palmas de GC veterinarians College, and  Councilman expressed his discomfort by this contract with HOTDOG, which apparently predated his mandate and indicated his intention to end in December 2011, a fact that has not happened because they are still there working for the Town Hall 

The closure is not the only alternative, but transparency and cooperation with the Animal Shelter Organizations for the management of the kennel and that is concerning, as other examples: Animal Shelter (Perrera) in Puerto Rico, in the south of the Island Model education, awareness and commitment to the adoption and respect for animals

But the Politicians can´t ask to work for nothing, mainly volunteers who devote time, efforts, energy and their own resources to do too much while the Politicians pay others for either doing nothing or doing the wrong thing



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