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Please help us save the Warm Mineral Springs!

Florida's Warm Mineral Springs have been included in a list of the eight best healing spas and mineral rich springs on the entire Planet (according to Huffington Post, January 11th, 2013).  As the only warm spring in the state of Florida, and one of the very finest mineral springs on Earth, this place deserves to be protected for future generations by being made into a State Park.

Until recently this geological wonder of nature was in private hands for decades and was arbitrarily handled and nearly damaged.  The sand was dumped in, the trees and aquatic growth being removed and all that may have inhibited the water flow and had spoiled the natural habitat to the wildlife, such as Florida’s soft-shell turtles, fish and aquatic birds.

 The Warm Mineral Springs is not a burden to be gotten rid of in a hurry.  It is not a commodity to make money off; it is not waterfront property for a real-estate developer.  But that is how its present owners, the City of North Port and Sarasota County, are treating it. The Warm Mineral Springs is a natural miracle, like Old Faithful or Grand Canyon. 

Please help us to petition the State of Florida to buy and convert the Warm Mineral Springs and adjoining 82-acre of public land into a State Park!

Dear Governor Scott,

We, the undersigned, residents, homeowners and taxpayers of the City of North Port and Sarasota County area, respectfully submit this letter for your prompt consideration.   We are gravely concerned about the uncertain fate of the Warm Mineral Springs, in North Port, Florida.  At present, after a number of changes in ownership, the City of North Port and Sarasota County have jointly acquired the 82-acre property called the Warm Mineral Springs, the Original Ponce De Leon Fountain of Youth.  The previous owners, Cypress Lending Group, continue to manage the property at this time. Their contract is due to expire on June 30, 2013. 

Warm Mineral Springs have been included in a list (Huffington Post, January 11th, 2013) of the eight best wellness spas and mineral rich springs on the entire planet.  Many among us, the undersigned, have changed our entire lives in order to live and retire in this area, precisely because we can be near the Warm Mineral Springs.  The belief in the healing powers of the waters in this spring is not new nor should it be taken lightly.  Many of us have, in order to enjoy the spring, invested in good faith; have bought homes and businesses here.  We have come from near and far, from all over this country and from other countries as well.  We have, in other words, profoundly changed our lives just to live here.  People regularly, repeatedly come from the world over to partake of its healing waters.  Considerations of attracting global tourism and eco-tourism also must not be forgotten. 

        Now, the officials of the City of North Port and Sarasota County are having considerable, perhaps insoluble difficulties in producing any reasonable and acceptable agenda for the future of the Warm Mineral Springs.  They have not been able to produce any cohesive, executable and yet environmentally sensitive plan for the administration and maintenance of the Warm Mineral Springs.  City officials had decided that it would be best for the city of North Port to divest itself entirely of the responsibility of ownership. However, they cannot agree as to how to rid themselves of it. Neither the city nor the county have showed themselves capable of providing this singular place with the just, appropriate and adequate protection that it clearly requires, for keeping the springs protected, open and publically accessible. If the city and county cannot come to terms then the springs will be closed for an indeterminate amount of time and this will have an negative impact on local businesses. This is completely unacceptable. That is why our most immediate priority is that the Warm Mineral Springs should not, for any reason be closed to the public, under any circumstances, while the city and county officials endeavor to resolve its eventual fate.

We, the undersigned, consider that the Warm Mineral Springs, in no way less miraculous or any less a wonder of nature than, for example, Old Faithful.  This unique body of water, and all its surroundings deserve no less comprehensive a level of protection.  It deserves to have its unique and extremely fragile environment, including the flora, fauna and aqua, just as scrupulously protected as all other State owned and protected property be acquired by the State of Florida and made into a State Park. That is how many other springs all around the great State of Florida are maintained and protected.  A place as rare, fragile and as easy to irreparably damage as the Warm Mineral Springs is simply too valuable.  It was nearly damaged already while in private hands, (sand being dumped in, etc.). 

       We, the undersigned, as Florida residents, taxpayers and lovers of the Warm Mineral Springs, who vote with deliberation and a very long memory call upon our leaders to apply all due vigor and haste in this matter of turning this entire 82-acre property, the Warm Mineral Springs, located at 12225 Ortiz Blvd, North Port, FL 34287 into a State owned and administered park.  Only this can adequately assure the Warm Mineral Springs of sufficient and appropriate protection. 

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