Stop Dog Fighting in Victoria

It is horrifyingly cruel to fight dogs and to steal peoples pets from their loving homes to be thrown in as bait, and savaged to death.  Training a dog for dog fighting is not training, it is brutality of the worsed kind.  Starving, beating frightening the dog that much that it has no other choice than to be vicious.

Dear Mr Napthine,

Please change the law regarding the punishment/penalties for the crime of dog fighting and cruelty to animals.  Just because they are not harming humans, these people are sociopaths, which means they are dangerous.  This goverment cannot stop dog fighting because of the ridiculous breed specific laws, it still goes on, these people always find a way.  Maybe if the punishment was more severe than a fine or, 12 to 15 mths gaol, they may think twice about it.  Every action deserves a consequence!  Fines are not a consequence, they are a revenue raiser, they do not deter people.  You only have to look at your road toll to know this.

Victoria is entrenched in dog fighting and there has been an increase in dog thefts, in particular, staffordshire bull terriers and, more recently, other small breeds.

Eleven dogs have been stolen from homes in towns including Bacchus Marsh, Ballan, Ballarat and Sebastopol over the past three months. The thefts have taken place both during the day and at night. 

There have also been reports of people whistling over the back fences of houses that have dog runs or enclosures, and of people being caught in the act of trying to steal dogs. 

The stolen dogs are mostly small breeds, such as Chihuahuas and Jack Russells which police fear are being used as bait for the fighting dogs.

Investigators want to speak to anybody who might have seen a white ute, a green ute and a silver Hyundai sedan in the area. 

Police have been told that several dogs have been seen in the trays of the two utes, which might be Toyota Hiluxes.

Dog fighting is usually linked to other organised crime rings.  These people are dangerous and the police need to take it more seriously because no animal deserves this horrific cruelty!

The police are investigating this but because animals do not seem to be much of a priority with the government, the police don't really have much of a say.

I just feel that animals do not really get the justice they deserve, and dog fighting is illegal on a number of levels.  The police could do more, for example pulling over any ute or large car with dog cages that looks remotely suspicious.  I want to know that if I spot a vehicle that raises my concern, and I take a licence plate down, then notify police, are they going to investigate it?  Or, will they just say something annoying and vague like "how do you know these dogs are for fighting or bait?"... this only delays finding these dog fighting rings!

Many people in your state are dog lovers.  Animal welfare groups are out there raising awareness and people are taking notice.  I believe it would be in your best interests to put them much higher on the State Governments priority list.

Kind regards,
Danielle Belcastro 

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