Remember The Casteel Family, Boyce, Barbara and Kevin, September 19,1986

In the early morning of September 19 1986, Danny Desellems came to my parents house while everyone inside slept, he pushed open an unlocked front door and walked through the living room pouring gasoline onto the carpet, set a Molotov cocktail between what was my bedroom and my 23 month old daughters bedroom doors then went out the front door, as he exited he lit the rag on the bottle of gasoline he was carrying and threw it inside. Upstairs, likely hearing the noise of someone in the house, my father got up and pulled on a pair of pants. My brother came into my parents room either to wake them or from being alarmed by the explosion he heard in the house, my mother went to into the bathroom to retrieve a bathrobe, I believe for Kevin to put on so he wouldn't be outside in his underwear. There was no time for planning an escape, My father was blown over by the door when he opened it to look for an escape, Kevin crouched in the corner with a blanket clenched in his fists pulled up over his head and my mother died on her bathroom floor with the bathrobe I had gotten her for Christmas in her grasp. Imagining what my family went through in that upstairs bedroom knowing they were going to die there, is almost beyond my comprehension. They did not pass quietly in their sleep from smoke inhalation. My daughter and I lived in the home at the time and should have been in the downstairs bedrooms, but had not come home that evening. Kevin should have had his daughter Cassandra there that night, and strangely enough my brother Roger's kids narrowly missed sleeping over Grandma and Grandpa's  that night as well. IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE! But Danny didn't CARE as he walked through the house, with a crib in one bedroom. He knew our family, he knew how many people lived in that house, he didn't CARE, he tried to block the path between mine and my baby girls room, he engulfed the living room with a gas bomb, then went to the back of the house and threw an additional one at the rear window near the back door, had he been accurate with that one the back door would have also been blocked. As far as he knew there were EIGHT people in that house, four of whom were children, he didn't CARE.  

     We, who are left of this once large family are asking friends, family and neighbors to please sign this petition and pass it along to others to sign in absolute opposition to the release of Daniel Desellems from prison. He walked up to a dark house with SIX cars parked in the driveway with the full intention of killing everyone inside, which he did.

If you would like to view our public family photo album visit 
before the fire

after the fire family pics

     We the undersigned Have read and had the option of reviewing the facts in this case involving the murder of three members of the Casteel family by Daniel R Desellems Jr #199755, and by placing our signature on this petition, we state clearly that we are absolutely opposed to any chance of parole release of Daniel Desellems from the Ohio Department of Corrections, at this time, or at anytime in the future, until his death.

Thank you for your consideration

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