Boycott #Motel6 - Dogs Killed and Missing


MANY dogs have gone missing & been killed because of recklessness of Motel 6. My mission is to ensure no pet parent ever have to endure the horror of collecting their precious pet  crushed on the highway because of Motel 6. 

I stayed one night. When I returned to my room, my German Shepherd service dog. Valkyrie, was missing. I was told a security guard saw my room flung wide open, so he closed it and did nothing. I was hysterical and went to the front desk. I learned Valkyrie had been seen in the parking lot, but no one called me, or the police. The front desk clerk, EMILY DORN, was abusive. I went out searching for Valkyrie and upon my return was evicted. I spent the rest of the wee hours searching for my Val. Animal control called to let me know she had been killed on the highway.

I went to the highway and collected her crushed body. When I went back to the hotel to talk to the manager, BRANDON GAUDETTE, he told me he was calling the police on me. The risk management person in Texas - CLAUDETTE BRYANT - claimed Valkyrie opened the door, which she did not do.

Check the host of bad reviews across the internet. They regularly give keys to occupied rooms to new guests, are infested with bedbugs, are used as homeless shelters, and hired incompetent staff. 

Just ONE month before another guest returned from dinner to find his door wide open and his dog missing. Just one month...

Here is the San Diego Channel 10 story on my dog.

In Sylmar, California a woman came back from the doctor and her dog was missing. They claimed her dog had chewed the screen off the window and got out. But her eight-year-old dog had no upper or lower teeth. Here's her story on the news: Pomeranian was stolen out of a Motel 6 in Las Vegas. 

A service dog was killed when the owner escaped the hurricane to the perceived safety of Motel 6 in Dublin, Georgia. Her dog was killed.

Most recently, a cocker spaniel was stolen after a break in at an Albuquerque Motel 6. Motel 6 did NOTHING to assist the owner. I, and many friends who cared, enlisted social media groups to post the dog's photo. Within 24 hours he was found. Again, Motel 6 did nothing to assist. 

Another dog was let out of a #Motel6 in Chula Vista and was killed. 

Yet another, in Los Angeles, was let out by the maid and hit by a semi. Her daughter, who saw the incident, suffered a seizure. 

After reading my Petition, a woman in Mojave, Arizona recounted an incident where she helped a dog owner search for a dog which was let out of a room by a maid. 

Motel 6 has been designated the worst hotel chain in the US for 2018.

Boycott Motel 6. Never trust your pet to them. #BoycottMotel6 #dogs #animalcruelty #PetFriendly #Travelblogger #Vacation #animalwelfare #animalabuse #Motel6 #PetHotels #Travelwithpets 

And, if you can, please donate to the Justice for Valkyrie campaign on Go Fund Me. I want to ensure that no pet parent ever endure the horror of collecting their precious crushed pet on the side of the highway because of Motel 6. 

Motel 6, a $3 billion corporation has hired a team of lawyers to further crush me. 

Please join our Facebook page:

And for updates on crime at Motel 6, please join this Facebook page:


Update #54 years ago
I’m on a mission to ensure that no pet owner ever has to endure the horror of collecting their quest dog on the side of the highway because of the negligence of another. Therefore, I have created this go fund me page, to find a lawsuit I seek against Motel6. There are five victims now of Motel 6’s negligence, including me. I have created this Go Fund Me page, to fund the lawsuit I seek against Motel6.

Update #44 years ago
I just learned from law enforcement that Motel 6 clerk Emily Dorn and Motel 6 clerk Emily Dorn made false statements to law enforcement pertaining to the incident with my dog.
Update #34 years ago
Friends, I’ve been working with law enforcement & learned that Valkyrie was running in the highway, causing cars to swerve & 911 calls are coming in. Motel 6 put the lives of citizens in mortal jeopardy by their actions.

Also, I have been contacted by a national new show who is interested in doing a piece on dogs missing from Motel 6’s.

And to Brandon Gaudette, manager of Motel 6 who harassed me here, I have the fake emails you used to post your hate mail.
Update #24 years ago
I spoke to Claudette Bryant, risk management, who told me my dog opened the door. She claimed first that there was no video of the door, then later said video showed no one at the door. If there was video that showed Val escaping, she would have told me.

Additionally, I've received the CAD & 911 calls from dispatch showing 3 calls reporting my dog running in the highway, and two reporting her hit.

Lastly, to the Motel 6 idiots who posted the vicious and stupid posts HERE, I know who you are.
Update #14 years ago
Motel 6 risk manager Claudia Bryant just told me they have no video of the door, only my dog running in the parking lot. She claimed there were no key card entries into the room asserting that my dog opened the door. She backed Motel 6 for evicting me after they let my dog go.
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