Say NO to State Control of Wildlife Rehabbers

The state says wildlife carry risks and this law would make EUTHANASIA the go to solution (Section 50-17-10) Please! SAVE OUR WILDLIFE!   Sign Our Petition NOW to STOP the addition of Chapter 17 to SC Title 50 LAWS!

The South Carolina DNR (department of natural resources) has created "Chapter 17" a LAW that, if passed, would make it illegal for any individual or group in our state to own or possess any wildlife for any reason without their permission.  It makes ALL wildlife the PROPERTY of the State of South Carolina. 

This law severely limits the "legal" reasons an animal can be held by an individual or group. It says that "All wildlife are the PROPERTY of the STATE." (SECTION 50-17-10)

This law creates fees, forms and filing mandates for anyone who has the heart to take in an orphaned or injured animal. (SECTION 50-17-90)

This law would make "euthanasia" the go to solution. (SECTION 50-17-10)

This proposed law will give ALL authority and discretion to the South Carolina DNR Agents (not the rescuer or rehabber) which number over 900 of them. They will also be given authority to write more laws at their discretion and without statewide consideration under SECTION 50-17-140 Authority to Promulgate Regulations.

Chapter 17 is bad law. It will harm the volunteer rescuers and rehabbers and ultimately, the wildlife we all serve.

Please sign and SHARE this petition everywhere!

Update #55 months ago
We have passed 2000 signatures! This is a marathon, lucky for us we learned about this Draft Law well in advance of it being presented to our legislator so we have a real chance to make a difference. Please keep signing and sharing the petition and expressing your opinion 🦌🐿🐴🦆🐇🦔 those with no voice need us
Update #45 months ago
Thanks so much For the support, the, sharing and signing of our petition. The animals have no voice but ours! We got a local news piece on WSAVs evening news tonight. People do care about the animals!! I also learned the DNR doesn’t plan to budge, they want this lawmaking ability and control and they mean to get it. Everyone please do another push and share this petition. I plan to take this and all the signatures before the natural resources committee when session opens in Jan.
Update #35 months ago
Over 1200 people have agreed with us and in less than 3 days we have reached so many! Thank YOU !! Please be sure to make a post again in a few days or go back to your last share and tag some animal loving friends and associates. People HAVE NO IDEA this is even being proposed to be LAW …

I have also updated our Petition to include the Actual DRAFT LAW.

Keep following, sharing and finding animal loving friends to support our petition.
Update #25 months ago
Hello to our petition signers! We are over 700 signatures in just a day! Lets keep this up to reach our goal of 10,000 signatures. The man pushing for this unfair LAW is not giving up. Continue to follow our petition & SHARE it with your friends, that is what gets us supporters. Our County Council man Mike is also continuing to work on it & has contacted Chairman of the State Legislature overseeing the DNR (the agency pushing for the unfair law)

Thank You Again! Laura Sterling of Bluffton
Update #15 months ago
County Councilman of Beaufort Mike Covert sent a message to Jay asking that this be tabled while he learns more. Jay wasn’t having it. Mike is now contacting our reps Tom Davis and Weston Newton to help with this.
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