For 68 of 68 in Va, not another "1"

  • by: Cristina Thompson
  • recipient: Governor Terry McAuliffe, Va State Senate and the Va House of Delegates

                                                       This petition is not ANTI-VAX, simply PRO-EDUCATION. We have the Right To Know!!!

Please sign this petition in support of asking The State of Virginia to…

  1. Postpone the hepatitis b vaccine at birth if the mother has tested negative for it. (They already, by law, test all pregnant women)

  2. Have the pediatricians in our state acknowledge, calculate, and advise parents of the aluminum content in vaccines, so they are better able to monitor our children’s health. Even though Vaccines are Not Covered By The Same Rule our medications are under, our children’s bodies will continue to respond as though they were.

I’ll explain…

When you read 21 CFR part201 (Code of Federal Regulations) Dept of Health and Human Services / Food and Drug Administration… You Learn…

  1. Pg. 5… The safety limits for parenternal (injected) levels of aluminum are 4-5 micrograms/per kilogram of body weight/per day… For a 10lb baby the max limit would be 22.20mcg.

  2. Pg. 25… The actual warning that comes with a content of .25mcg… that’s ¼ of 1 microgram.

  3. Pg. 6… The FDA believes this level of Aluminum is necessary to protect public health.

  4. Pg. 10… The FDA believes it is important for healthcare practitioners to know as much as possible about the Aluminum levels being consumed by their patients. The FDA believes the knowledge that a product has a low level of Aluminum is just as important as the knowledge that a product contains high levels of Aluminum.

  5. Pg. 5… Biomedical Products Are Not Covered By This Rule. (Vaccines are Biomedical Products, they are not medications.)

  6. Pg. 15… Going by their Legal Authority, at the bottom of the page, if some vaccines were not classified as biomedical products, they would be deemed to be misbranded.                

Under 21 US Code 352 Misbranded Drugs and Devices –

 Section J- Health- endangering when used as prescribed… if it is dangerous  to health when used in the dosage or manner, or with the frequency or duration prescribed, recommended or suggested in the labeling thereof.



  1. GSK- Infanrix- DTap- not more than .625mg/625mcg

  2. GSK- Engerix B- hepb- .25mg/250mcg

  3. Sanofi’s- Deptacel- DTaP- .33mg/330mcg

  4. Merk- Recombivax HB- hepb- .50mg/500mcg

  5. GSK- Pediarix- hepb, DTap, polio- not more than .85mg/850mcg

  6. Sanofi’s- Tripedia- DTap- not more than .170mg/170mcg                        

There are many vaccines that contain Aluminum, here is CDC’s list…


  1. A baby’s brain barrier is not developed at birth… Basic Neuroscience…

  2. Aluminum has the capability to change the function of the brain barrier…

  3. 3a… Aluminum in vaccines enters the brain

    3b… They have vaccines without aluminum they use for mice

    3c… Children can often receive up to 3.75mg/3,750mcg, that would be a legal amount if it were administered daily. Our children receive vaccinations at birth, 2mo, 4mo, 6mo… 4         doses…

  4. Aluminum is implicated in anemia, osteomalacia, hepatic disorders and neurological disorders. Affects mitochondrial activity, reduces ATP synthesis, and molecular events triggered by Aluminum are potential mediators of brain and liver disorders…

  5. Aluminum inhibits your iron uptake…

  6. The toxicity of Aluminum has been known for some time. In this study, done in 1986, located at #15. At the bottom… It simply says this… 15. In sharp contrast to this generally accepted view, one author has, in several articles (950,951) during a 25-year period, argued that A1+ could well be an important factor in the aging process and has even predicted that when cancer and arteriosclerosis can be controlled in the future, accumulation of A13 could then become the foremost cause of human disease (952).

I could continue to list adverse effects known by our government. THIS IS A FACT BASED REQUEST BACKED STRICTLY BY GOVERNMENT INFORMATION. My reason for making it is this… By God’s law, we are supposed to do unto others as we would have others do unto us, I wish I had been told… and… To say out loud, “You can’t give your baby water because they can’t process it, they aren’t fully developed yet. But, they are going to process the hepatitis b virus, formaldehyde, and aluminum with no problem.” is lacking every mcg of God Given Common Sense. It’s not logical, and if science and medicine are anything they are logical!!!

This information makes me question the integrity of the CDC, FDA, The American Academy of Pediatrics, and The US Government for not only allowing this, but also giving vaccine manufacturers protection from liability for adverse reactions… REALLY!?!?

I do not question their knowledge or capabilities, so I am left questioning their intentions…

This petition is not only to protect our children, but our physicians as well. Not acknowledging this information could be considered gross negligence, and by Virginia State Law would make our physicians liable for any injuries they may be responsible for…

Registering to vote, is registering your voice. If you’re not registered, you’re not allowed to speak… most petitions that fail do so because the ones who signed weren’t registered. Please take the time… … Tell Governor Terry McAuliffe, The Virginia House of Delegates, and the Virginia State Senate to stand up for and protect the citizens of Virginia!!!

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