Stop Zoo's Plan to Kill a Second Healthy Giraffe

Update, 5 March 2014.

Recent comments directly from Jyllands Park Zoo affirm that there is no immediate plan to kill Marius, due in part to the fact that the zoo has only been participating in the EAZA European breeding programme for one year and breeding is not allowed in the first year. This is a slightly different statement than EAZA's official statement, according to which EAZA has said they did not know about Jyllands' plans to breed its giraffes with females and kill Marius, and that they did not consider Jyllands to have the appropriate facility to breed giraffes.

It must again be stressed that, should Marius become surplus with the arrival of a female giraffe at the zoo after its first year in the breeding programme, and alternative accommodation is not found, Jyllands Park Zoo's plan would still be to kill Marius.

Just three days after Copenhagen Zoo's decision to kill Marius, a healthy 18-month-old giraffe, sparked international outrage, The Guardian Newspaper reported on February 12, 2014, that Jyllands Park Zoo in Denmark is also considering killing a young, healthy 7-year-old giraffe, who is ironically also called Marius.

It is reported in the article that Marius may be killed again due to being surplus to breeding requirements, in the event that another female giraffe is acquired by the zoo.

Tell Jyllands Park Zoo that this must not happen again, and that should Marius become surplus to the needs of the zoo's breeding program, to transfer him to alternative accommodation and spare his life.


Update #310 years ago
Thanks for your support. The first 100,000 signatures were sent to Jyllands Zoo some hours ago. Although one media report yesterday suggested that Jyllands do not plan to kill a second giraffe, Marius's future remains uncertain, and the petition is still active. Please keep signing and spreading the word.

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Update #210 years ago
WELL DONE EVERYONE! We are on our way to giving a very clear message that another killing is unacceptable.

Interestingly, EAZA has condemned Jyllands announcement of another possible killing:

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Update #110 years ago
Thank you to to everyone who has signed the petition so far. We need to keep going however so that we can prevent potentially another dreadful outcome for another healthy, young animal.

The Guardian newspaper originally reported on this story last night, and it seems to now have been picked up by various other major media outlets.

Keep spreading the word about the petition and show Jyllands Park Zoo that this time we want a much more humane outcome.
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