India - Enforce Laws Against Use of Circus Elephants Living in Horrific Conditions

  • by: Sue Lee
  • target: India Government & Wildlife S.O.S.

Please sign and share this petition worldwide in a continued effort to stop the use of elephants in circuses like those in the Indian circuses that is causing the animals harm and injury. One of the poor animals is suffering with cracked footpads due to her living conditions which are poor in nature. Some suggests that people can be retrained in other trades to make a living rather than endangering animals for monetary gain.

A recent story surfaced about Suzy the elephant who lives in an Indian circus compound, suffering with cracked footpads due to her horrific living conditions. She is among 67 other pachyderm that are existing in these conditions despite the ban placed on using these animals in such shows as the circus atmosphere and performances. Wildlife S. O. S. has intervened on this particular facility, another rescue since the incident with Raju the elephant who was held in chains for more than 50 years.

The way these people treated the animals is so disheartening and cruel just for the purpose of making money at the expense of these poor creatures. In an effort to enforce laws against the use of animals for exploitation and entertainment purposes, officials of the Wildlife S.O.S. organization is considering offering incentives to "people in the business" to engage in a retraining of a new career of choice that would not involve the danger, cruelty and abuse of animals in any way. The organization is willing to fund some of the monies needed to help them begin new lives in new careers.

In an effort to save these 67 elephants, the organization has provided a couple of sanctuaries in India, ensuring they will never again live in such horrific conditions, be chained up endlessly, give rides to unsuspecting humans for money or perform tricks for human pleasures. Hopefully, they can now live the life of an elephant, enriched, comfortable, happy and loved. The use of such animals in circuses was outlawed back in 2013 in India and we need to encourage the Government officials to do more ensure they enforce these laws and save elephants from destruction, like Suzy and her other friends. You can help this effort by signing and sharing this petition everywhere on all your media sites. Be a voice for these animals and stop this abuse!!

India Government & Wildlife S.O.S. - It is imperative that you enforce your laws against the use of animals in circuses or the abuse will never stop. Additionally, it should be mandatory that people who have been involved in the business with animals engage in other training as proposed by Wildlife S.O.S. so that they can engage in other careers that does not involve the abuse and exploitation of animals for monetary gain. Without specific enforced laws and regulations as such, these poor animals will continue to be victimized. Be their voice and stop the continued abuse of animals!

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