Call center representatives DYING for a chance to work from home

    HUNDREDS of us SHARE the SAME bathroom, TOILETS, sinks and Counter tops. We have to TOUCH the same doorknobs over and over again. HUNDREDS of us share the SAME break/lunchrooms where we sit in the SAME chairs as who knows WHO was sitting in, touch the SAME tables, we touch the same VENDING machines, Microwaves handles, sink knobs and even touch the same door to enter and exit every threshold. We walk the SAME hallways and MUST breathe in EVERY particle of contaminated air for at LEAST 12-13 hours ALL DAY on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday AND Saturday. This is REVOLVING all day long EVERY single day.

    There have been MULTIPLE, MAXIMUS EMPLOYEES that (MIND YOU) have tested POSITIVE AND at LEAST one outside VENDOR that has been tested POSITIVE in several of Maximus' call centers yet we are constantly being reminded that we provide and ESSENTIAL service to the public and therefore we will REMAIN open because we are NEEDED as employees to help the public get health insurance plans OVER THE PHONE. Some folks drive their own vehicles while others utilize PUBLIC transportation where even MORE EXPOSURE which further ELEVATES the likelihood of MORE cases of COVID-19 in ALL call centers. This is a DEADLY, RAPIDLY spreading PANDEMIC. Just 20 hours ago NYPD's COVID-19 cases near ONE HUNDRED as HUNDREDS more call out sick reportedly from the New York Post.

    Maximus is an organization which helps the government serve "the people". All of the call center representatives SHOULD be OFFERED the OPTION to work REMOTELY as Maximus' Call center is a telecommunication environment. Instead, the employees have been TEASED with the IDEA of the possibility of working remotely yet that has been the extent of it. In the meantime there have been MORE POSITIVE cases reported. SOME employees have even witnessed people leaving the bldg. with computers, headsets, phones and monitors are placing those items in their vehicles. WHO decides whose health/LIFE is important enough to be AFFORDED the opportunity to work remotely? MORE and MORE call center employees are CALLING in sick or just plain SCARED of contracting this virus due to the FACT that it has BEEN in our buildings, bathrooms, hallways, doorways, cubicles, break rooms but still coming in to work. People are still sneezing, coughing, touching everything ALL around us. ALL DAY LONG EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    WE as call center representatives NEVER see who we are talking to become we communicate VIA TELEPHONE and COMPUTER. Telecommunication.

    We would like ALL CALL CENTER representatives NATION WIDE that perform our jobs VIA telephone AND computer to be OFFERED a chance to work REMOTELY as we STAND a chance at GETTING healthy and STAYING healthy. There is no CURE for this DEADLY disease, heck - the GENERAL population cannot even get TESTED as of late because of the now SHORTAGE of tests here in NEW YORK. Asymptomatic does NOT mean a person is NOT positive for COVID-19. And symptomatic and even POSITIVE cases have NO resolution on top of that.

    It only makes sense that ALL employers of telecommunication workers/CALL CENTER REPRESENTATIVES who are considered to be essential employees, be MANDATED to afford their employees with the opportunity to WORK REMOTELY. Because we are NOT EVER in contact with the individuals we serve however we ARE in contact with each other. To boot, MAXIMUS is advising it's employees to RECRUIT friends, family and colleagues to apply for positions within their company stating that TRAINING CLASSES are about to start soon. Any training classroom I've ever seen has at least 20 -30 trainees in it at ONE TIME in the SAME room for approximately at least a month for eight hours a day. WHY would there be a hiring frenzy going on right now KNOWING that there is a LARGE UNTESTESTED/able population out there that could potentially bring on even MORE exposure? In our opinions that would INCREASE exposure and LIKELYHOOD of hundreds of more individuals contracting the COVD-19 VIRUS.

    It may be true that it is essential for us to do our jobs in order to help individuals enroll in or renew their health insurance however It is NOT ESSENTIAL for us to effectively do that solely from a call center full of cubicles with hundreds of other employees (many who have already been tested POSITIVE for the COVID-19 virus.) We CAN do it and it is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT POSSIBLE to do FROM HOME. REMOTELY. That is what we wish to accomplish.
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