Stop the Deer Cull in the UK

  • by: Susan V
  • target: UK Forestry Commission
Some scientists are saying the UK has too many deer and that culling is necessary. But talk of a better solution seems missing from the discussion. 

A BBC report explains that the UK has more deer now than any time since the last Ice Age, and expanding populations threaten woodland vegetation and birds, as well as crops. The recommendation to cull comes from a study by Journal of Wildlife Management, which suggests as many as 750,000 be shot yearly. 

While researchers at the University of East Anglia suggest the culling can be done "ethically" if the meat is used for food, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals wants to be sure “strong science” supports such an action.

Some say culling in Scotland is already too aggressive. But if population control is necessary, shouldn’t all alternatives be exhausted before such drastic steps are taken - like contraception, for example?

Tell the UK to find a better way to control deer. Stop this drastic cull!

We, the undersigned, think more discussion is needed on the issue of deer control, before culling is even considered, if it needs to be at all.

Certainly the suggestion of killing as many as 750,000 deer a year seems very drastic. Deer Initiative’s Peter Watson told BBC that the study suggesting this cull “was a single study on two species (out of six) that could not be extrapolated to the whole of the UK, therefore suggesting a cull of 750,000 was not valid.” Some are saying that the deer culling going on in Scotland is already too aggressive.

U.S. Department of Commerce’ National Institute of Standards and Technology had has claimed having significant success with contraceptive controls of deer in the U.S, but there seems to be no discussion in the mainstream media about its use for deer population control in the UK. 

We request that the UK take concerns of its Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals very seriously and make sure “strong science” supports any decision to cull and that less drastic alternatives be exhausted before such action is taken.

Thanks for your time.

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