Make Raw Milk Legal in Canada! Help support organic Dairy Farmers!

Organic Raw Milk is currently illegal in Canada, despite the fact it is perfectly healthy and beneficial for human consumption and health. We have a right consume healthy foods, should we deem fit! Raw Milk contains beneficial Nutrients, Bactria and Enzymes. Raw Milk offers healthy saturated fats which are an essential building blocks for a healthy human being. As human beings we require these nutrients to maintain a healthy digestive and immune system. We require Organic animal products in order to be healthy and grow!

"The root of all disease begins in the digestive system" -Hippocrates

This modern society is plagued with disease whether it be physical or mental. We have an epidemic of cancer in Canadian society, 2010 estimates report 1 in 2 Canadians will développe cancer in their lifetime. This is but one of many diseases caused by lack of proper nutrition and exposure to toxic foods and environments! If our bodies lack vital nutrients, how could we ever expect to effectively rid our bodies of toxins and heal? Toxins in modern day society are extremely prevalent and widely available for consumption. What a travesty when a nation lacks the right to nourishment in an age of rampant disease!

Humans have consumed Raw Milk for thousands of years! It is key to the development of healthy humans. If it was fit then, it is fit now. Why does the Canadian gouvernement continue to suppress our ability to purchase the basic necessities of life? In the wake of Cannibis legalization, can we not legalize Organic Raw Milk aswell? We are free to get high with drugs in this country, but we are not permitted to purchase health giving foods. Let us look to the ways of our forebears who lived healthily and happily consuming Organic animal products.

I propose change and it will happen! We will allow Organic Farmers to sell Organic Grass Fed Raw Milk. This is our RIGHT! Allow Farmers the chance to profit from their own goods while simultaneously profiting Canadians health. We must support Local Organic farmers in Canada! We will allow for Raw Milk to be sold in Stores, Markets and Farms. NO Canadian shall be deprived any longer. It's time we progress by looking to the ways of the past and adopting sustainability once more. We will compel Canadians to live a healthier lifestyle for both our health and the health of Mother Nature. Practicing Organic Farming, Permaculture, Animal Husbandry and Sustainability will help us and help the Nature we have so heinously punished with our greed. We will put an end to downright blasphemous monopoly our government has on the dairy industry. We will have freedom to sell Raw Dairy Products without hastle and free from ridiculous fees and licenses. We shall have Raw Milk and Raw Dairy Products. Join together to gain freedom to be healthy and happy. This is but a single step in the quest to heal ourselves and Mother Nature. Band together Canadians, let us Stand behind our Organic Farmers and Stand up for Freedom!

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