A Survivor's Right: Time to Change Canada's Laws re Domestic Violence and Divorce

Prime Minister Trudeau won't negotiate with Terrorists so why are Canada's abused women forced to negotiate/mediate with theirs in our Canadian court system?

Negotiation/mediation doesn't work in DV situations. We need to change our laws re Domestic Violence and Divorce in Canada.

Abusers don't follow orders. Abusers know that they have made threats to the Victim and will carry them out unless she submits.

Rarely do victims have the money for lengthy legal representation and represent themselves in a system that is too complicated and stacked against her. Abusers have the money and delay the action in court as punishment to the Victim. This bankrupts the Victim. 

Women are isolated in their roles as the Primary Caregiver and simply they are shamed because they are a Victim of Domestic Violence. Because of this the Abuser knows she doesn't have many supports in the community as a character reference. Her character is the first thing the Abuser destroys after he is arrested for assault.

Legal Aid is not guaranteed if you are a Victim of Domestic Violence. Victims have to apply and appeal over and over again. This is exhausting to a Victim who is injured physically from the abuse and emotionally from the system that ignores her.

An Abuser is a Terrorist and his biggest threat to his Victim is to take her children away from her. Our courts do little to protect women who have phoned 911, often for the first time. The first call to 911 is usually made when a woman feels she is going to be killed.

Putting money in to shelters isn't the answer Mr. Trudeau. Shelters won't stop the abuse. A woman wouldn't need a shelter if she was able to keep her house/apartment and the abuser was kept in jail. Being sent to a shelter is like going to jail for the Victims and their children. Children often notify the Abuser to pick them up because they want to be at their house. Children need familiarity which fosters good mental health and stability in a crisis situation. 

Instead of Shelters we should have Domestic Violence Support Center's where all the agencies are located in a one stop shop to support the Victims and the children. These Agencies should have 1) Crisis Counselling, 2) Legal Aid guaranteed, 3) Doctor on call, 4) Housing IF needed, 5) Ongoing mental health and Abuse education to break the cycle, 6) Employment supports, and/or Disability supports.

Our laws in Canada are soft on the Abuser. Letting the Abuser plead guilty in exchange for no criminal record isn't right and definitely doesn't work.

What is needed:
1) Jail time for the first offence of assault/abuse is needed.

Make it long enough so they think twice before doing it the first time let alone their trail of continued abuse through alienation, stalking, defamation, financially draining the victim etc... . 

2) Mandatory payment of spousal and child support and possession of the house/apartment to the Victim guaranteed on his first court appearance for assault.

3) Mandatory custody of the children to the Victim of DV at his first court appearance for assault.

4) Mandatory psychological testing of the Abuser by a court appointed psychologist who specializes in abnormal personality traits so appropriate decisions re access to the children can be made, ordered and enforced.

Courts need psychologists sitting with the judge when Orders are made. 

5) Mandatory Counselling to Break the Cycle of Abuse for the children and the Victim is needed.

6) Victims need to be present in the court when the Abuser appears.

Not knowing, not being informed and not being allowed to participate in their Abuser's sentence isn't right. We need to be there and allowed to participate in the decisions which affect us the Victims.

7) Employment training for the Victim, if appropriate.

Funding for job training, volunteering, job mentoring so the Victim can become autonomous and self sufficient.

8) Real oversight and psychological testing of lawyers, judges for abnormal personality traits.

This would prevent further abuse to the Victims from happening in the court system. Abuse of power and abuse of process needs to be monitored closely.

9) Real oversight of Children's Aid Societies and mandatory psychological testing for abnormal personality traits of social workers and child protection workers to prevent these individuals from taking these positions of authority and using them for abuse of power and abuse of process.

They should not have carte blanche in these decisions. Judges are too swayed by these privately owned $50 Million dollar incorporations. If only our goverment could run as efficiently as these Child Mills Run.

Negotiating doesn't work with an Abuser. Abusers know they have control over their victims and thumb their nose at Orders.

Our laws have to change to stop the Terrorism occurring in our Canadian courts against Canada's vulnerable Abused Women and Children. Decisions are made by judges who don't take the domestic violence into account.

Domestic Violence is acceptable and normalized by our Laws, in our Courts and in our Society.

Our Canadian Laws are antiquated. Let's bring everything up to date. Women and Children shouldn't be treated like Chattel in our Courts. Laws need to be made to punish our Abusers not let them go. Victims need appropriate action and enforcement to be taken by our Courts to prevent further abuse from occurring to them.

This is a Human Rights Issue occurring daily in our Canadian Courts. 

Do we count? Do our children count?

Together let's show PM Trudeau, our MP's, our Senator's,  our Premiers and MPP's that we've had enough!

This is OUR MOVEMENT for CHANGE, for PROTECTION, for SUPPORT, TO SAY WE the VICTIMS MATTER!! It's time to change how the courts treat Victims of Domestic Violence.

Let's show them. Let's sign the petition together.

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