Increased Work and Funding to Humanely Curb the Stray Dog Populations in India and Nepal NOW, Please!!!

Hello 👋,
There are an estimated 30,000 street dogs in Nepal. There are also another estimated 30 million stray dogs in India. Many of these dogs suffer horrific injuries due to fights, getting hit by cars and other dangers. Some are also horrifically mistreated. Some have had acid thrown on them. Some suffer severe mange and abscesses. The lucky ones are found and rescued and treated properly and with TLC. Too many of these poor dogs are unvaccinated and un-spayed/un-neutered, leaving them open and vulnerable to illnesses and infections and being mated and having litter after litter of puppies, further adding to the problem. Un-spayed females are also more prone to ovarian cancer, and un-neutered males can get testicular cancer, and can be more aggressive (more likely to fight, get hurt and injure other animals and people).
Rabies is also a huge problem, endangering human lives. Thousands of people in India and Nepal are bitten by stray dogs each year, with rabies being a real danger. People have resorted to cruelty to control the problem, such as by poisoning the dogs. This is not the way to solve the problem. The solutions for the dogs and the people that I suggest are:
* Conducting mass sterilisation and mass vaccination programmes of stray dogs 3-4 times per year.
* Making sure that as many dogs as possible are picked up and rescued and taken to good, no-kill shelters, rescues and sanctuaries where they will be cared for and loved and either live there for the rest of their lives or be adopted out to the best homes possible, be they in India/Nepal or abroad (even as far out as the UK and US, etc).
* Educating as many people as possible about how to stay safe around the dogs and how and why to care for and be kind to the dogs.
* More funding for animal rescues and shelters and sanctuaries.
* Making sure that all stray/street dogs have access to proper care whenever they need it.
* Requiring that everyone who has a dog/s spays/neuters their dog/s unless they have a breeding license.
* Making it against the law to leave dogs behind uncared for when going away or moving and enforcing this law.
* Much better animal welfare, care and protection laws concerning stray/street dogs, companion dogs, working dogs, other companion and working animals, farm animals (including India's beloved cattle) and wild animals, both endangered and non-endangered.
Please implement all of this as soon as possible.
Thank you 😊.
Best Wishes to all,
Have the best day and night ever!

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