Repeal Roe v. Wade!

Ladies and Gentalman, we are citizens of one of the greatest countryes in the world. We have rights and liberties that people in other countrys dream about and wish for. However, there are some things that we would be better off restraining ourselvs from. One of these is the right to abortion, in 1973 the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision on that the state of Texas had no right to regulate abortions within that state on the ruling that it was an invasion of the woman's privacy was passed starting one of the biggest manslaughter operations in the history of the United States, with pro choicers atempting to bolster thier reasoning with twisted versions of Bible passages and lies of how our Founding Fathers approved of abortion.

Now while it is part of the constitution that all citizens have a right to thier privacy, the right itself was never ment to be streched as far as it was in the name of "women's rights". Now while a woman has every right to her body, she should not have the right to play God with the infant growing within her womb, it is not part of any organ system in her body, it is another orginisim entirely that is temporarily dependant on it's mother (a title that is frequently given with pride) for a place to safely develop into a infant child.

Ladies and Gentalmen I ask you only this, please sign the petition that will stop the body count of infant featuses that has already reached the millions, to make organisations like "Planed Parenthood" become obsolete and other options like adoption and therepy/counciling become more readily available to mothers who can't provide for thier young ones, and to educate young women more about the risks of abortion.

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