Stop this senseless slaughter!

  • by: Kapil Marwaha
  • target: Mr. R.P. Tiwari, Deputy Director, Rajya Sabha Secretariat, Parliament House Annexe, New Delhi - 110001.[]

The present Meat Export Policy of India disregards pronouncements of the Supreme Court and fundamental provisions of the Constitution of India and promotes cruelty to animals in practice, which can only cause the degeneration of our Society - slowly but surely! Following are details:

1] Introduction: The Committee on petitions of the Rajya Sabha has invited comments by 13th July 2013 on the review of India's Meat Export Policy in the context of the Petition submitted by Jainacharya Vijay Ranasundersuriji.

You can read the Petition submitted by Jainacharya Vijay Ranasundersuriji online to learn of startling issues - humanitarian, economic, legal and Government apathy. It is available [under the link: Committees – Standing Committes – Committees on Petitions – Petitions with the Committee].

2] The issues: The facts on various aspects mentioned in the Petition submitted by Jainacharya Vijay Ranasundersuriji clearly detail the legal, economic and humanitarian reasons for discouraging the slaughter of animals in India for export of their meat. Disregarding these facts/reasons would mean: 

a] Disregarding the directives of the Supreme Court to the Central Government to review the meat export policy [Akhil Bharat Krushi Goseva Sangh V/s. A.P.Pollution Control Board and Ors. [2006(4)SSC 162]. 

b] Disregarding various Indian Constitutional provisions such as Article 51(A) [which casts a duty on every citizen to have compassion for living creatures], Article 48 [which places an obligation on the State to protect and improve animal breeds], Article 19(1)(g), Article 21, Article 39(b) and (c), Article 47 and Article 48A. 

c] Encouraging the horrific suffering of animals which is a typical characteristic of an ignorant, give-a-damn and self-destructive Society. It would be pertinent to recall the words of the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  In 2005-06 alone the export of buffalo meat was 4,59,938 MT which meant the unnecessary laughter of approximately 50 lakh (i.e., 5 million) young and healthy buffaloes! 

Are these not reasons enough to stop the slaughter of animals for sending their meat overseas to the dining tables of foreigners for a few dollars?? What an irony it is that greater revenue can instead be created by letting the animals live within the Indian Dairy / Agricultural industry, as explained in the Petition submitted by Jainacharya Vijay Ranasundersuriji ! 

I would urge the Committee to please consider all the abovementioned submissions carefully and, in a spirit of righteousness and courage, stop this senseless slaughter!

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