Remove Flouride from our Water System!

Why should we as Edmontonians remove Flouride from our water?
A few years or so, Calgary had Flouride removed from their water system! With that happening they have saved annually $750,000.00 that they have put to other more important issues, also saving on $6million dollar corporation plants who helped maintain the regular flow of Flouride into their systems. 

If we can remove Flouride from our systems, not only is that helping our city/economy financially but also allowing us to live longer healthire lives, Studies have shown that Flouride is infact a hazard to our health! Something so simple as to water can actually be dangerous and that is sad. I want Flouride out of our Water Systems mainly for me an my family, wouldn't you? This is what Flouride does directly from "Consumers Health- 
HARMFUL EFFECTS OF FLUORIDE Fluoride is used as an insecticide and a roach killer. Even at the level they use to fluoridate your public water supply, usually at the rate of about 1 part fluoride for every million parts of water (1 ppm) by weight, it causes severe problems. As little as one-tenth of an ounce of fluoride will cause death. It is more poisonous than lead and just slightly less poisonous than arsenic. No one will die from drinking one glass of fluoridated water, but it is the long term chronic effects of drinking fluoridated water that affects health". 

that is just the beginning please educate your family and yourselves take the time to learn about Flouride and what it can actually do. Please help me Eliminate Flouride so we can live Healthier lives together!!  

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