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  • by: Ben
  • target: Networks, publishers, those considering Emily Ellyn!

          • Emily Ellyn's "retro-rad" personality is a refreshing new form of food television personality, one we would like to see in our homes as part of regular programming

          • Emily Ellyn's ability to take the "retro remix" and make it rad is what food inspiration is needed to maintain such culinary practices as canning and pressure cooking

          • With "What's Cookin' Good Lookin'" Emily Ellyn will help not only develop and inspire retro culinary techniques but will help rekindle the importance that food brings in regards to the social aspect of our lives

          • Her extensive schooling will inspire today's learners to become educated individuals by teaching how important education is

A quick google search and those unfamiliar with her will fall in love!

Dear Food Network,

Emily Ellyn has found a place in our hearts and we thank you for introducing her to us! We were upset to find her eliminated and wanted to create awareness for how much she is loved as a television personality. We feel as though her show was the perfect candidate, and that it still remains so!

Her quirky "retro-rad" persona has been refreshing to see and is one that we would love to have in our homes as part of our Food Network lineup. It is easy to see why she had been one of the top Fan Favorites up to the point of her elimination, which was taken as a shock. With her pleasant appearance her ability to maintain the "most fashionable" in your fashion poll adds a visual element beyond that of the marvelous recipes she remixes.

The "wholesome with an edge" Emily we have fallen in love with is the personality that we need in order to ensure the survival of "retro" cooking techniques and devices as canning and pressure cookers. Simply going to the store to purchase these items you can see by the lack of inventory that today's generation is forgetting, and not due to a lack of interest but rather a lack of knowledge, this cooking "pasttime." Emily Ellyn, the "retro-rad diva" is the one that can not only stop this trend but can reverse it.

We ask that she be reconsidered and that her personality and talent be utilized as the hostess for her show "What's Cookin' Good Lookin'" as this is the type of programming that we would love to see in our homes each week!

Thank you!

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