End Orca Captivity Worldwide

  • by: Lucille Palmer
  • target: Seaworld, Loro Parque, Miami Seaquarium, Mundo Marino, Marineland, Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium,

Blackfish has highlighted the problems of captive Orca's at Seaworld, but there are a total of 45 captive orca's in the world. All subjected to unfair daily performances and unnatural living conditions. This has got to stop!

"There are few recorded cases of wild orcas threatening humans; none have been known to be fatal." 

"There have been attacks on humans by captive killer whales, with some of them being fatal." 

Actually there have been 5 wild documented orca attacks since 1910 and over 40 documented of captive orcas. 

Looking at the living conditions of all of these marine attractions, none of them come even close to what these animals would experience out in the wild. Which obviously leads to their distress and their ever increasing rise in the number of attacks on humans.

How can we as human beings still be so cruel and exploit these animals for financial gain? It is time this cruel practice came to an end. It's time to STOP catching these animals from the wild. time to STOP breeding them just for more performances and more money, it's time to RELEASE these animals in to safe pens where they can live out the rest of their lives in peace.

Update #13 years ago
Thank you everyone for signing, it's great that there are already so many signatures on this petition! If everyone could continue to share, repost, reblog and retweet this petition so that it reaches as many people as possible to get the result it needs, then that would be fantastic! On behalf of all the captive orca's, thank you for all the support guys and girls! :-)
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