To get the Bible back into the school curriculum better then it use to be

    Well its like this . The way we look at things is the way that when i was going thorough my kindergarten thru through all my Elementary school years the Bible was always there for those of us who wanted to read it and those who didn't didn't have to .And the most important things that was so important was that we all had peace and yes it wasn't that quiet but the most thing's that would happen was like this one lady put it right to the fist fight but After that you'd be taken to the principal office he or she would've call your parents and your parents would take you home and that was the most thing that would've happened and never a need for knives we even had baseball bats but never use for violence just and only for baseball games. Ooooooooooh and never a need for metal detectors. Yes in high school we had a what we use to cal a truant officer to keeps us quiet and obedience but never anything like now that the president of the United states wants to give the teachers more to do to armed then with guns . Leave the guns to the right attourty like the police officer and officers of the law that they are able to deal with guns the professional way . Not a teacher that has already a lot of responsibility to deal with all the things they do in school and then when they go home another responsibility to do . The same as all of us but guns in teachers is not one to make them take charge of because they have there hands full with the kids and the school and the homework they have to deal with to keep us learning the right things. So i say to does who want to take the schools back to sign this and watch how our creator puts back things better then they use to be because we need to trust God and not the people who have a lot of money to tell us what not abd what to do to fix this issue that has got out of hands because we lots trust in him and giving the people power to tell us whats best for us when the only one that has knowledge that surpasses and understanding here . He and only he can and will take this issue before more innocent more kids keep losing there lives because of people here thinking that they know better then he does . So please lets start a petition here to take back what we have had in place what our four fathers gave us to do and put and end to violence in schools now . Please !
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