Strengthen the Hunting Act to prevent Foxhunters riding out with more than 2 hounds

Since the Ban in 2004 the foxhunters are still continuing to ride out with a large pack of foxhounds. As long as the  Conservatives are  in power it will continue so this petition is trying to keep the foxes safer. This is not an ideal solution but at least the foxes have a better chance to escape 2 hounds rather than chased to exhaustion and surrounded by a pack of 40 hounds and torn to pieces. 
They purport they are following a previously laid trail but a large number of foxes are being ripped apart "accidentally". There have also been many cases of people's pets and domestic animals being killed by packs of Hunting hounds, either when the hounds are out on a hunt or being exercised.
We are asking the Government to enforce and to strengthen the existing ban on hunts going out with more than 2 hounds. This should help prevent these "accidental" killings and also prevent hounds being killed on railway lines and main roads.It also well known that the hunters show the hounds no compassion whatsoever as when a hound is ill or too old to hunt they are kllled like a throw away commodity. This usually is at the age of 5-6 years of age. This is another reason why packs of hounds are not needed. 
This does not include Clean Boot hunting and Drag Hunting

Update #23 months ago
Hello thank you so much for signing the petition. The petition is slowing down again and
I was wondering if I could ask you for your help again. The petition has just over 37,000
signatures so far and ideally I would like to have 100,000 signatures. So could you please
share the petition everywhere you can that would be of interest to anyone. Thank you
so much for signing.
Take care Dawn
Update #13 months ago
Thank you so much for signing the petition it is very much appreciated. It's so good
that you care about foxes as much as I do. The amount of signatures is slowing
down and I was wondering if you could share the petition with your friends & family
and anyone else you may know who loves foxes. I would like to ideally reach a
target of 100,000 to try to make an impact and get the petition noticed. Thank you
once again. Taken care
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