Help to Put a Criminal In Jail for A Hate Crime!

I was felony assaulted because of my race on August 19, 2020. I was called the "n" word and the suspect began to attack me in the middle of the street.  I thought at first the issues I had with his dogs barking non stop and disturbing the peace of my family and I on a daily basis could be addressed with no problem. I thought we were going to be able to discuss the matter in a civil manner, but instead he began to attack and assault me.  I was left with a puncture wound on the back of my head behind my ear where I was stabbed with a sharp metal object in which it broke my skin and made me bleed. I also had a large contusion about a half inch away from my temple. A half inch more it could of been deadly and he could of killed me. I also had another big contusion of my forehead that was close to breaking the skin. A red line is present on my forehead in the picture showing broken blood vessels. I had a fractured left ring finger. my knees where very bloody and bruised and they have serious scars still to this day.  I'm suffering from a lot of emotional and mental  trauma from the attack. The suspect is my current next door neighbor. The Riverside Sheriff Department Cabazon station and the DA refuses to file the appropriate  charges against my assailant and present it to the court in the actual way the crime occurred. The officer that took the report of the incident falsified the report by stating that I was a mutual combatant in a fight and after the fact I wanted to press charges. I never touched the suspect other than trying to get him off of me and protect myself from his attack. I wanted to press charges that same night but the officer told me I would go to jail and be implicated in a vandalism case of me breaking some of the suspects home windows with no proof of me actually doing so. The officer told me I should move and was really rude and aggressive towards my wife and I. We felt a very strong feeling of racism on the deputies demeanor. We are also calling for deputy monges to be fired from his position for being  racially biased and racist. My wife and I have spoken to many officers at the station and they all act as though they would like the sweep the matter under the rug like its not a serious crime that I am a victim of. I would like an internal affairs investigation done on this sheriffs station as well because they had some of their officers pull guns on me for just crossing a double line with my baby's car seat in the car with me on March 30, 2021. I have snap shots and audio of the incident.  I am also calling for all the officers that were involved with  pulling guns on me  be to be fired for racial profiling and racism. I am constantly being gang stalked by multiple unmarked vehicles following me when leave my home and watching my house when I'm there and When I'm not. I have constant  air traffic over my house, rather it be drones, helicopters or airplanes doing illegal surveillance on my house 24 hours a day. I feel there is some vendetta against me and it needs to be addressed immediately.  I am a victim of a felony assault  hate crime, gang stalking and illegal surveillance  in Riverside County and my family and I deserve to see justice like any other American citizen. My wife and I both went back to school to further our education and are both honor students. She Is attending Cal State in the Fall and I will be going back to finish my degree at Cal Poly in the Spring Of 22. We are also the parents of four loving children. Our oldest three are also very exceptional students and human beings.  Help us as a family  see that Justice is served and bring awareness that Hate crimes should not be tolerated and those who commit them should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

We, the undersigned, call on the The Superior Court of California, County of Riverside, to prosecuted this crime as a hate crime, felony assault which happened to "Protected Idenity".  We also calling into action the officer who did not allow "Protected Identity" to file the correct charges on his attacker to be fired, as well as those who racially profiled him by drawing guns on him. We also are calling that the illegal surveillance of his family to stop immediately, as well as an internal investigation on the police station. 

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