• by: Margot Reine
  • target: Australian Government AND ALL CITIZENS OF AUSTRALIA AND THE WORLD where your country sends animals to other countries as live exports.

LIVE EXPORTS MUST END NOW until a plan for decency is put in place and is properly executed to ensure these animals are treated decently. Australians keep on seeing the horrific deaths of  sheep sent as live exports to a foreign country. If you weren't horrified and sickened by the cruelty perpetrated on these animals, then you are not human. If you were moved to scream or cry or feel sick for days about this horrific action taken by foreign governments,  then you must sign this petition. This terriable cruelty is an abomination, and defies all reasonable moral judgement in the treatment of living animals. Animals - partial throats cut thrown into a pit and left to die, covered with dust and smothered. Their plight was pittiful and beyond belief that humans could do such a cruel thing to living creatures. When the Minister of Agriculture stated on National Television that he cannot guarantee this won't happen again, then it is time we respected our reputation as a land of decent humanity and stop this cruelty. The trip on these boats alone are inhumane. It is time we respect the lives of the animals we send to foreign countries, because this is not the first time such cruelty has been perpetrated on Australian live export animals. It cannot be done humanely, so therefore, LIVE EXPORTS MUST END NOW.

The Minister of Agriculture
The Australian Government

 Please do not let our animals be treated cruely. Governments that we export to must not abuse the animals we send them to feed their nation. I have seen the cruelty, while living in the Middle East - animals thrown in boots of cars with others, then the lids close down on them - animals bleeting in fear. It is horrible.
But worst of all is the cruelty in abatoirs - surely you cannot condone this horror. You have to restore our dignity as a nation. We MUST ensure our animals are treated decently.

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