Justice for Man Allegedly Abused by Chicago Police!

Chicago police arrested Angel Perez for his supposed connection to a crime he knew nothing about. When he didn't cooperate to the police's satisfaction, he was reportedly beaten and sexually assaulted.

First, he had his head slammed into a car before he was put into ankle shackles, handcuffed to a bar, and threatened by police officers who said he would be gang-raped and have evidence planted on him if he didn't cooperate.  

When they returned to the station, the horrors continued. The CPD wanted information about a man named "Dwayne" whose contact information was in Perez's phone. The police wanted to initiate a drug sell with Dwayne, and it's when he refused that they started to assault him, putting pressure on his eye sockets and digging their elbows into his back before sodomizing him with a gun. 

Perez was never even charged with a crime. The CPD has a history of abusing prisoners, and this incident is no different. Please tell the Chicago Police Department to do a full internal investigation of this incident and prevent disgusting abuse like this from happening in the future! 

Dear Chicago Police Department, 

Angel Perez was arrested in order for the CPD to find out about crimes having to do with drugs and robberies that he ended up knowing nothing about. His head was slammed into a car, then he was put into ankle shackles, handcuffed to a bar, and threatened with gang rape or having evidence planted against him.

As if that wasn't horrible enough, when he didn't want to start a drug sell with someone named "Dwayne" in his phone, he was assaulted and then sodomized with a gun.

This is beyond unacceptable. Abuse should never be tolerated, especially not within an organization that is supposed to stand for justice. Please do a full internal investigation and do what is right for Angel Perez.

Thank you for your time. 

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