The Declaration of Independence 2017 (

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The Declaration of Independence 2017

After 240 years since the first Declaration of Independence, which was a positive document in declaring independence from England’s government, a monarchy, but lead to the establishment of another government which has become more tyrannical then the one the colonist faced. Regardless of whether a government is judged as “good” or “bad” by the people is irrelevant. Governments by definition are tyrannical as they are nothing but a way to control people by claiming false authority, ruling over the people based on threats of violence by armies of men with guns. Every government of the world is illegitimate, and we encourage people in all other countries to do the same and claim their independence from the government.

We the people that live in the geographical region, taken over and controlled by the government forces known as the corporation of the United States of America not excluding individual states, lands defined as territories of the United States, other countries and governments, the United Nations or any other governments of the planet. We hereby declare not only independence from the United States government their laws, statues, and any other governing document, each state and their laws, statuses and any other governing documents. Including the corrupt, criminal, occupying forces carrying out murder, kidnapping and other crimes in the name of the government on the people in the occupied territory known as the United States such as the militarized police, we do not recognize your illegitimate authority which is forced by threats of men with guns without out consent, using extortion and coercion.
We hereby declare self-ownership as the only authority of all people. That all people own themselves and herby no person, entity, government, corporation or any other form of an individual or collective group have any right or power over an individual which owns themselves. They also have no authority or right to use force, or any other method to force through violence, threats, extortion or coercion an individual that owns themselves to comply with any rule, law, order or any action what so ever.

As recognition of the concept of self-ownership of each individual person, we hereby agree to respect their self-ownership and individual freedom of others by not participating in any action that would circumvent their freedom of self-ownership. This includes unprovoked assault, bodily harm, murder, rape or any other bodily harm that is committed with the exception of self-defense. This also applies to the property of the individual as well. As the property they own is an extension of their self-ownership on a smaller scale. We are free people to live our lives without government interference. The only laws we are required to adhere to is natural law, which means not interfering or violating the freedom of others. As described in the passage above. Since individual people own themselves they are not under the authority of anyone except themselves and are free to engage in any activity, that doesn’t violate the self-ownership of others as described in the first paragraph. This includes the defense of one’s self and property.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all people are created as equals, that they are endowed as human beings with certain unalienable rights, this includes all people of all races, sexes, genders and or any other way humans define themselves. That among these but not limited to, are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. To secure these rights, governments since their inception have fooled the people that governments are there to protect the people and their services are needed to protect them. They are instituted by the elite and always were, not the consent of the individual being governed, but from instilling fear in people and then using the barrel of a gun and the men that they have manipulated, to use them in order to threaten and extort people. The reality is we don’t need the government to protect our rights nor was it ever the purpose of any government. The main goal of any government which we believe was planned, calculated and executed well in the case of the United States in terms of meeting their authoritarian goals, by creating an illusion of freedom and willing to execute their plan over generations, is total control over everything and everyone including the people that the government which establishes a monopoly over force among other things that are backed by threats of government violence in a geographical area.

Rule without the consent of individual being governed, as no one has the authority to rule over another without their consent, which is why the government has manipulated people into believing in this nonexistent social contract and implied consent. As well as worked hard at maintaining the illusion of freedom and setting up a system of nationalism and brainwashing the people to love their government and their servitude and enslavement. The United States governments as well as all governments around the world have used this false implied authority to commit various crimes against the people including the use of force, kidnapping, murder and other forms of violence to enforce this false authority. As we no longer recognize the authority of any government over any human being and refuse to obey and law, statue, or any other order from government, we also want to emphasis and demand the following:
1. Ending any and all forms of extortion (taxes) or any other payments of funds to the government unless voluntary and without coercion.
2. Reserve the right to protect one ’s self against government agents when necessary, the same as you would defend yourself against any other person.
3. Immediately stop and destroy any records of any and all spying, tracking and collection of data from devices, phone or any other item and remove all infrastructure including cameras and delete all collected data from all databases including fingerprints, DNA and any other database.
4. Release from detention and drop all pending charges for all whistle blowers and release all political prisoners which include persons kidnapped and now caged due to drugs, taxes, gun or weapons possession, and all other victimless crimes, giving them all full pardons and fullu expunging their records. As well as pardoning Edward Snowden from all current and or future charges so he can return to the United States.
5. Disband all government police closing all stations and firing all police. Private means of safety and protection which the police never provided, we’ll be obtained outside the scope of the government and paid for by individuals and communities.
6. Refund all money extorted via taxes from the people including social security and FICA.
7. End the Federal Reserve and fractional reserve banking.
8. Eliminate the Federal Reserve note and the power of the government to create currency. Ideally gold and silver will be used for all financial transactions.
9. People have the right to own any type of private property and or possess in any way whatever they wish. This includes all weapons, substances and any other items that exist now and or in the future.
10. If the government or any of its agents violate any part of this document the people and or person whose rights being violated has the right to defend these rights using and not excluding lethal force to insure their rights are not violated. Any person that witnesses and or comes to the defense of the person whose rights are being violated has the right to assist in the defense of the rights being violated even if not their own.
*Please note consent is defined as consent of each individual not as a collective or majority.

If you beleive in true freedom and liberty and standing up to the government and their oppression please sign my petition and send a message that you own yourself not the government. Before it is too late and no freedom is left.

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