Right it

    Straight talk

    The world is crumbling
    But no one’s doing
    Anything except keep wasting and being excessive
    Ordering too much and throwing away thoughtlessly
    Piles of possessions hoarded, left sitting there rotting
    Gorging competing who can eat most,
    bloated tummies
    Hearing the news but getting back to latest gossip
    Never bothering to think and change your bad habits
    Forest fires are far away won’t happen to me

    And the truth is
    World leaders are acting like children
    Making agreements but never lived up to them
    Developed countries should bear the burden
    Stop pushing the blame and start taking real action

    Facts are clear but you won’t listen
    Ignoring the poor who suffer
    We will keep screaming the consequences

    Lacking basic sense
    The world’s in a mess
    Cos you’d do anything to ensure you’re popular
    And you prioritise your exclusive enjoyment
    Centred on your own interest when you are meant to serve

    And the truth is
    You’ve let down and abused your power
    Big position but you’ve let the world worsen
    Trying to get away with pretty words
    You’re an imposter, you will get what you deserve

    We see right through your excuses
    Your power won’t silence us
    We will keep screaming till you take action

    Right it

    I see nature crying tears of blood that scar this precious earth
    And I will stop at nothing till people notice this is a crisis

    Instead of just buying let us set firm limits
    Don’t be greedy, let’s start saving
    Look beyond your own comfort at earth’s pressing needs
    Let us all start reducing our spending

    If we all start acting the impact will be big
    So start changing your habits
    Don’t just watch the news and be apathetic
    It concerns you and me
    Every living being should be treated kindly
    Right now they’re suffering
    We’ve destroyed the balance with our greed
    It’s up to us to right it

    Our worth is defined by what we leave behind
    Nature’s beauty should never cease
    Men is only as good as how he treats all life
    We are all humble before the universe
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