Overturn The Legalization of Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption

  • by: Kelly Rogers
  • target: White House (President Obama / Senate / Congress)

Thank you so much for your ongoing support! We are almost at 50,000 signatures entirely because of you! And, the result for all the work you've done is - This petition is the largest of its kind in support of this cause. It will be presented to Congress during the rally in DC on September 12th. So, in one last final effort- lets get this petition to 50,000 names!

Also, please submit a video to your congress men and women and senate heads via youtube documenting your opinion on this issue. If you are camera shy- that's ok! Please send a letter to your Congresspeople and Senate heads - even copy the template below!

All the Best, Emily

Dear ______

As a horse owner, the subject of horse slaughter concerns me . It seems the pro slaughter advocates under the disguise of the 'Horses Industry' are proposing to re-open horse slaughter plants all over the United States with the pretense of horse welfare at heart. They claim that since the closure of horse slaughter plants there has been a rise in abandonment and neglect, when in actual fact the cases for abandonment seem to be in direct correlation to our poor economy.

I find it shameful that we, the eighty percent of people against horse slaughter, would be expected to foot the bill in the form of our taxes to fund the already far stretched USDA to inspect horse meat bound for other countries. Who really benefits from this? Countries such as Belgium, France, Japan and China will, at the risk of our U.S. food safety and on my dime. Who else will benefit? The foreign companies and the few individuals that are pushing for this to line their greedy pockets.

With the EU bringing into effect a passport system for horses in 2013, the majority of U.S. horse meat will not pass the grade due to banned substances i.e. Bute. That under no circumstance can enter the food chain. Thus, an already corrupt industry will become more distasteful than it already is. It encourages fraud and deception to pass our horses through the slaughter houses.

I haven't even touched on the devastation horse slaughter plants create in communities. I am sure you are aware of Kaufman, Texas for one. If you research horse slaughter and understand it can never be carried out humanely, no matter how much a plant retrofits the amenities the answer is plain to see . There are no gray areas in horse slaughter. They are our companion animals, have served us through the ages, have been our soldiers in war, plowed our fields, etc. No other animal has served or done for man as the horse.
We don't want our dear horses to end up in a high end restaurant in France. Lets us allow our USDA inspectors to do their job for the American people.

Please support the Moran Amendment for We the People

Sincerely ,
Your Name



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