STOP the summer solstice DOG MEAT FESTIVAL IN YULIN !!!

  • by: Jana DiCarlo
  • target: Chairmen of the local Governement of YULIN - Peng Qinghua, Ma Biao

It is estimated that 10,000+  dogs were killed and eaten at last year's Yulin Summer Solstice Dog Meat Festival.

In the runup to this year's event, due to take place on 21 June, activists across the globe are calling for a halt to the event, and monies are being raised to help rescue dogs and track down those illegally capturing and killing the animals.

Activists including celebrities, lawyers and food safety experts are calling for an end to the practice.

Oficial claims that all dogs are bred by local dog farmers - such as we breed chickens - is false!! Please look at the picture !! According to research, there are no such farms and that all dogs are abducted from the streets, including pets with collars.

Another risk factor highlighted is poor food safety. Liu Lang, director of the Beijing Small Animal Veterinary Association said butchers slaughtering the dogs are at risk of rabies, while the meat is not properly quarantined or inspected, increasing the chance of food safety problems.

The Duo Duo Animal Welfare Project, based in California, has raised $21,920 on crowd-funding website Indiegogo in its campaign Stop the YuLin Dog Meat Festival.

"Our goal is to put an end to the brutal annual dog meat festival in YuLin, China," it said. The money will be used to hire local investigators to track the illegal abduction of dogs, raise awareness of the trade through schools and hiring of legal teams in China to push for the banning of the festival.

An opinion piece in the Global Times said that banning the festival outright will not work due to the widespread participation, so instead authorities should work to implement stricter regulations to improve safety and welfare.

"Since there are no specific laws and traditional culture cannot be forcibly abandoned, the local government should shift their attention to a more feasible approach.

"If the tradition is difficult to remove in a short period of time, the authorities need to initiate and carry out more strict rules regulating local restaurants, especially food hygiene. There must be harsh measures to ensure the source of the dog meat is legal and safe. A crackdown on stealing domestic and stray dogs must be imposed," the article advised.

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China Must End 中国玉林狗肉节必须终止 This celebration of cruelty and slaughter has no place in the 21st century. 21 世纪容不得以残忍杀戮取庆 Here are 5 reasons that the world is calling for an end to this mass dog slaughter 5 大原因 为什么全球呼吁喊停这一大规模杀狗行径 1. The Yulin Dog Meat Festival exposes the pubic to serious health and food safety issues. Since China does not have dog farms there are no national or local standards to ensure the safety of dog meat. Dogs sold on the market are often sick, poisoned and dying. 玉林狗肉节将严重的健康与食品安全问题曝光于公众面前。因中国并不存在肉狗养殖,故此 也不存在保障狗肉食用安全性的全国或地方标准。卖给狗肉市场的狗通常是病的、毒来的、奄奄一息。 China currently has the second largest number of rabies cases in the world. According to a news report 338 rabies cases were reported in Yulin between 2002 and 2006. All people infected with rabies died. Meat dogs, who are transported to Yulin for days in unsanitary conditions, arrive in very poor health and are vulnerable to multiple illnesses. The Government must address this public health hazard to help prevent the onset of a SARS-like disease and massive deaths. 中国现今狂犬病发病人数排行世界第二位。根据一份最新报告,2002-2006 年玉林报道的狂犬病案例有 338 起。 所有感染狂犬病的人全部死亡。被食用的狗,因在恶劣环境下运输数日到达玉林,身体状况极差,易感染各种疫病。 政府必须告知公众这是危害健康的,以防类似 SARS 的疫情爆发。 2. The dog meat trade undermines social stability, aggravates existing social conflicts and sabotages the central government’s efforts to build a harmonious society. A significant number of the dogs sold on the market are stolen pets or valued watchdogs. This violates the rights of the dog owners and challenges the authority of law enforcement agencies. If dog theft continues, violent confrontations between dog owners and the dog meat industry will intensify. 狗肉经营破坏社会稳定,加重本已存在的社会冲突,破坏了中央政府构建和谐社会的努力。为数众多被卖 给市场的狗都是被偷的宠物或者尊贵的看门犬。狗肉产业侵犯狗主人的权益,挑战法制尊严。如果 偷狗被继续放任,狗主人与偷狗贼之间的冲突将会加剧。 3. The mass slaughter of dogs exposes young people to violence and cruelty. During the summer solstice, Yulin is becomes a slaughterhouse where some dogs are even killed publicly. Studies have long shown that exposure to violence can desensitize youth and make them indifferent to the feelings of others. The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region government and its official Women Federation are obligated to stand up and to protect the young people. 狗只大屠杀向青少年宣示暴力与野蛮。在夏季及冬季期间,玉林就成为了一个大型屠场,在那里狗只 甚至被公开地屠杀。早有研究显示,置身暴力环境会令青少年对此麻木,并导致其漠视他人的感受。 广西壮族自治区政府及官方妇联机构有责任站出来保护年轻人。 4. Contrary to what the traders would have us believe, eating dog is not a "folk custom". It is a commercial activity benefitting a few people. Even if the dog meat consumption was a regional tradition, China should not condone any practice that runs counter to human progress. Foot-binding, opium-smoking and arranged marriage – so-called Chinese traditional practices – were all brought to an end by the Chinese people. The government must work to eliminate outdated practices that damage the reputation of mainstream Chinese culture. 商贩想让我们相信,食用狗肉是地方风俗,实际上并非如此。这是为少数人牟利的商业行为。即使 食用狗肉是某地区的传统习俗,中国也不应放任任何与人性发展相违背的做法。裹脚、吸食鸦片、包办婚姻 等所谓的中国传统习俗已统统被中国人所终止。政府必须致力灭除那些破坏中国主流文化声誉的落后污垢。 5. Finally, Guangxi’s natural beauty attracts millions of domestic and international tourists. But as more people around the world learn of Yulin's mass dog meat consumption the region, as a whole, is disgraced. In 2014, more than 100,000 people around the world called for shutting down the city's mass dog meat consumption. 最后,广西的自然美景吸引了数以万计的国内外旅客。因玉林大规模聚众消费狗肉被全球越来越多人知道, 整个自治区也因此蒙羞。在 2014 年,全球超过 10 万人呼吁喊停玉林大规模狗肉消费行为。 We appeal to you to act in the interest of public health, child welfare and the reputation of Guangxi and China and call for an end to Yulin's mass consumption of dog meat. 我们请求您为了广西及中国的民众健康安全利益,儿童福利,地区与国家形象而行动起来, 喊停玉林大规模聚众消费狗肉行径。

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