Universal Basic Income In The United States Done The Right Way.

It is time for the establishment of Universal Basic Income In The United States 

We are striving toward Federal Capitalization legislation for the purpose of National Economic Restructure.

To abolish Federal Instruments of Debt to Create United States Currency.

To establish Universal Basic Income for all qualifying Americans.

At this time the U.S. Government issues a bond to the Federal Reserve to create currency. The Federal Reserve then creates the currency and trades the currency for the bond(s) with interest to be paid in the future. This needs to stop, and, for the betterment of banking, government operations and services and private prosperity. Here's why, and how to stop this.

U.S. Constitution

Section 8;

"To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures."

​To create ("coin" or, digitally). It is time our Federal Government actually does, without the need of taxes.

​In the 21st century governments, their employees and their average citizens are grossly underpaid.

​Since our U.S. Government has the authority to create it's own currency why does it need to borrow any money?

The U.S. Government should not need to.

​Universal Basic Income should not be used to create a threshold of poverty but instead should create real prosperity.

​Without rules and requirements human greed would destroy UBI way beyond recent decades of inflation.

Recommended Guidelines:

  • The federal government creates the digital economy of operations.

  • Products the private sector can't or won't provide the government may provide.​ Upholding patent rights.

  • Land owners keep their property at their original terms for 100 years or until death.

  • All real estate values are locked at 2019 assessed values and may increase no more than 7% per year. Adjustable.

  • Rent and leasehold properties are subject to rent price controls based on 2019 replacement market values to include upgrades.

  • U.S. National Parks on 52.2 million acres are protected, currently.

  • United States land surface 3,531,905 sq miles, excluding surface water.

  • Net United States titled land is 2,260,419,200 acres.

  • Net United States land available for occupancy is 1,104,109,600 acres. Adjustable

  • Edible and housewares manufacturers may charge up to 3 times Cost of Services and Operations, excluding labor cost. (COSO)
  • 3 times cost exemption applies for products under $10.00 USD

  • All other products and services at market rates.

  • All infrastructure repair and enhancements are paid for by governments.

  • Governments include Federal, State, County, City, Municipal, Tribal and School Boards.

  • All costs to operate governments are paid by the Economic Digital Division of the Federal Treasury Department.

  • No one is taxed.

  • Must work 30 hours per week at approved EIN registered employer. Temporarily unemployed, disabled persons, minors and students exempt.

  • Retirement is at age 50.

  • All products sold are at energy cost. In terms of btu equivalence. + COSO

  • All products sold are at cost of resource recovery, in btu equivalence. + COSO

  • Land occupancy is set at 100 years of lease/purchase option.

  • All other industrial, commercial and private services are at market rates.

  • Corporations, private, or partnerships do not pay salaries or wages. The Federal Government does.

  • Federal, state, county and municipal governments do not tax.

  • Federal Government may also purchase debt instruments and financial obligations in the public and private sectors.

  • All participating Americans must have a registered bank account for UBI (Universal Basic Income) transaction verification.

  • Suggested minimum Universal Basic Income per-American/per-Month $10,000.00 USD. Adjustable COLA.

  • Gratuitous payments for services by and between individuals, corporations, partnerships, associations and organizations are allowed.

  • Gratuitous gift and donation payments by and between individuals, corporations, partnerships, associations and organizations are allowed.

  • Gratuitous payments made by the Federal Government for work performed or services provided by civil servants are allowed.
  • The Federal Government can provide direct lending for and between private citizens, companies, partnerships and organizations.

  • All infrastructure maintenance, upgrades and repairs are paid for by the Federal Government.

  • Currently there are no federal currency creation limits. However, there are borrowing and spending limits.

  • ​​Proof of income can provide a work and UBI waiver.

Gratuitous payments paid to individuals simply means employees may be paid additional pay from corporate profits.

Update #15 months ago
Thank you very much for supporting It's time for Universal Basic Income. We are very grateful for your support.

Best personal regards,

Edward Gordon
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