ESSURE - The problems it has caused.

The nightmare they call Essure. Doctors and Conceptus (the makers of Essure) are making it sound like a dream. Promoting it as a quick procedure with immediate recovery and no negative side effects. That is not the case. I made this petition so that all of the women and families that have been affected by Essure can come together and demand to be heard.

Essure is advertised as a permanent birth control procedure that works with your body to create a natural barrier to prevent pregnancy. (1)  It has been anything but that for hundreds of women. I believe we should come togother and petition this product so our voices can be truly heard. A collaboration of women have gotten together from all over the world and have begun to talk about their stories. Some of the side effects women are having range from irregular periods, unexplained pain, pregnancies and having the inplant perforating the uterus or the fallopian tubes. Several cases have ended in women having no option but to undergo a major surgery and have hysterectomy to remove the inplants. These women later reported to be pain and problem after recovering from surgery.

Many are reporting that they have sought the advise from an assortment of gyn doctors only to be told that complications from Essure are simply impossible. I personally have talked to many women and have heard their stories about their lives falling apart. The emotional devestation and physical trauma by Essure has effected their minds, bodies and families. I urge you to read the stories of these women on the forum. If you are a victim or you know someone who is, please talk. Let our voices come together and finally make a difference. For every doctor who told you it was impossible and dismissed you. For every lost moment with your family that was sacraficed due to cronic pain. For the life you want back, Fight!

Please report your case to the FDA at the following link:

This is the link to a forum titied "Essure problems continue amond women"

Essure was originally made with nickel and many women were having the implants without properly being tested for a nickel allergy. Estimates are that 4.5% to 28.5% of the total population are sensitized to nickel. (2-5)

In August of 2011 Conceptus(R) Announces FDA Approval to Remove Nickel Contraindication From the Essure Procedure Instructions.



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Here are some additional links with information:

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