Abuse of Loudspekers/Amplifiers by Chrches and Mosques

    Abuse of Amplifiers/Loudspeakers
    Noise pollution is very hazardous to our health, physical and psychological. It affects one and all, but more so for the sick, elderly, children and students and undermines religious tolerance in the country. There are many causes of noise pollution and the main culprit is the extensive and abusive use of amplifiers by religious institutions across Ethiopia, especially in Addis Ababa among all sections of our society.
    The problem was identified and highlighted many times, but the acts and remedies suggested are not being implemented, rather worsening. The Environmental Protection Authority and different institutions and individuals engaged in environmental activism have been raising the issue but to no avail so far.
    The Ethiopian government and the Interreligious Council of Ethiopia should take the lead to correct the problem and protect the environment and human health and the ocuntry's reputation in this regard. The international responsibilities of the state have also been stated under certain international convention, declarations and UN resolutions above all on the national constitution.
    The Ethiopian Constitution
    The right to healthy environment is one of recognized constitutional rights in Ethiopia. Because it is the fundamental and inalienable right to human dignity; it has been recognized under Article 44 of the FDRE constitution and state that “all people have the right to clean and healthy environment." The major forms of pollution being air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. The main culprits in Ethiopia with regard to noise pollution are religious institutions, mosques and churches (mainly Orthodox and Protestant churches).
    The state has the responsibility to prohibit the use of loud speakers and amplifiers making noise beyond permissible limit.
    We strongly believe that loudspeakers should not be allowed to be installed on towers and churches and mosques, so as to face the surrounding streets and areas within the precincts or the volume of those gadgets should be to a permissible decibel limits or may be turned inwards so that the voice is audible only within the compounds of the church/mosque.
    It is noticed that the noise pollution levels are very high during prayer calls, festivals and other occasions and become unbearable and torturing to the entire neighbourhood, including those sick in hospitals, resting elders, studying school children and even sleeping kids.
    It is therefore our sincere appeal to the Interreligious Council of Ethiopia and the Government of Ethiopia, and the concerned departments, to strictly regulate and restrict the use of amplifiers throughout our country by enforcing strictly the existing laws or enacting new acts required for this purpose. The public will greatly appreciate the peaceful surroundings and hope Ethiopia will set an example in controlling noise pollution in spite of its diversity of culture and communities.
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