The only way to achieve peace, the well-being for every living thing on earth is to abolish all kinds of weapons, especially atomic ones because of the serious risk of destruction of the planet and of the solar system.

    Withdraw weapons from the market, destroy or defuse them and invest all the money of the military industry for humanitarian aid on food and environmental problems caused by pollution (soil, subsoil, air and oceans / seas).
    Investing exclusively in clean and renewable energy, especially from solar sources, using solar panels, then wind turbines and the water energy of rivers and sea currents.
    Abolish nuclear energy for the damage caused by the deterioration of the plants and for the radiation of waste highly damaging to every living being on planet Earth. Reaching peace in the world, ceasing to feed the deaths of millions of children every day of countries desubrated by their primary assets and providing them with concrete aid.
    All the super rich and wealthy powers of the world must allocate their money to humanitarian and planetary aid, not provide more weapons and do not destroy more those countries that only need a normal life. The underdeveloped countries need help, we need to forget the sources of oil and coal that are destroying the earth's balance due to the production of toxic and harmful substances for living beings: plants, animals and humans.
    Embracing a politics without parties, whose objectives are FREEDOM THE BROTHERHOOD AND LOVE FOR THE NEXT. PEACE MUST BE OUR FIRST AND UNIQUE OBJECTIVE.

    Happiness is reached in this sense, with great humility and without shame I affirm that all this information regarding the implementation of all this comes from extraterrestrial sources, from more developed beings especially at the level of soul and heart. I do not even hide the fact that we are in the period of Jesus Christ's return to Earth, so God is guiding us to the only way that can save us from his tremendous judgment about the wickedness he has accomplished so far in creation. We are already seeing the consequences of the destruction by an armed hand, because nature rebels against evil and the tribulations of which the Bible speaks in the Apocalypse are coming true. This is the last call, our only salvation and the only maneuver that can save us.

    The tests of the nuclear bombs that occurred recently have caused the instability of the Earth's axis that is reaching the critical point if it is not stopped with the nuclear tests occur in which no one who has remained on earth will survive and the solution is not go away on behalf ours with spacecraft because the universal laws do not allow evil peoples who destroy their own planet to travel in space because they are not safe and much less stable in mind.

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